Friday, February 02, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Memo exposes the dirty scheme used by a corrupt FBI/DOJ against DJT

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Memo exposes the dirty scheme used by a corrupt FBI/DOJ against DJT: Imperator_Rex
“Tip of The Iceberg”: Pending Intel Memo is The Beginning, Not The End: CTH
Democracy’s Highest Crime and Misdemeanor: Scott S. Powell

Through all the memo "news" and "headlines", remember...: Rep. Mark Meadows
Naming Names is Mandatory: Roger L. Simon
Urgent Message for all the Boys and Girls in Federal Law Enforcement Tonight: WRSA

Bongino: Obamagate is the ‘most consequential political scandal’ in US history: CR
Hmmm: Rick Gates Attorneys Withdraw from Case Initiated by Robert Mueller: CTH
Battle over Nunes memo tests Congress’ ability to oversee FBI: Times

Report: 4 Explosive Revelations in FISA Memo That Have Not Leaked: Debra Heine
The Sound of One Aisle Clapping: George Neumayr
FISA memo "changes" merely grammar fixes with almost no significance.: FoxBiz


Super MAGA-Nomic Winning: Atlanta Fed Predicts 5.4% First Quarter GDP Growth: CTH

Scandal Central

New Strzok, Page Texts Discuss Evasion of Message Archiving: Sara Carter
GOP case: FBI probe based on tainted evidence linked to Clinton: John Solomon
Furor grows over Nunes intel memo: TheHill

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump On Opening ANWR: Not Even Reagan Could Get It Done: Michael Bastasch


Hello @SenFeinstein and @AdamSchiffCA : Rosie Unmasked
The true threat to our freedom and democracy is a compliant media: Jack Hellner
Fun and Exercise With the Clintons: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

Bottomless Anger and Hatred?: DTG
Levin: Trump’s SOTU Speech Was ‘Absolutely Outstanding,’ ‘Reaganesque’: CNS
Representative Matt Gaetz Discusses The HPSCI Intelligence Memo: CTH

MS-13 victim’s mom slams MSNBC host who said only Fox News viewers know about gang: F&F
The Associated Press Stokes Racial Division, Smears Trump: John Hinderaker
PolitiFact ends collaboration with Alan Grayson after they figure out who he is: Becket Adams


This is how North Korean defectors escape the grip of the Kim Jong Un regime: CR
Electronic Weapons: Tu-16 Clone Goes To SEAD Over The Pacific: StrategyPage
These photos reveal what it's like to shop at Walmart in China: Megan Harney

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Here are your bots: MicroBlockChain
Amazon Is Spending $2.5 Million To Fix Alexa’s Fatal Flaw: Mark Wilson
How a hungry, hardy bacteria eats toxic metals and excretes gold nuggets: Michael Irving


FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Secret Federal Agencies: Onion
Grammy Can You Hear Me?: Stilton's Place
Photo catches Dem playing Candy Crush during State of the Union: TheHill

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Anonymous said...

President Trump's infrastructure program will concentrate on 1) an area we've let slide since WWII, and 2) provide employment opportunities--and, more importantly, job training--throughout the nation, making our citizens better educated, more self-reliant, and more aware of their own innate worth---all respectable and valid conservative goals.