Saturday, February 24, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Broward Sheriff’s Office Did Not “Miss Warning Signs” or Make “Mistakes”

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Broward Sheriff’s Office Did Not “Miss Warning Signs” or Make “Mistakes”: CTH
Broward, Miami-Dade school policies behind tragedy--and others: TheLastRefuge
A Massacre Demonstrating Why We Cannot Rely on the Police Alone: Jim Geraghty

When Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Was Accused of Corruption... : Robby Soave
Sheriff's hiring of political supporters under fire: Brittany Wallman
Second person accuses CNN of scripting narrative at gun town hall: Katelyn Caralle

The Contemptible American Left: Steve McCann
Trump Warns CPAC: "Don't Be Complacent," Dems Will Kill 2nd Amendment: ZH
Dereliction: 4 Broward Deputies Stayed Outside School, Nearby Police Were First In: CTH

Rule By Sociopath: The Z Man
Illegal immigrants dealt kilos of fentanyl in Miami County, feds say: Mark Gokavi
DCCC Attacks Democrat Candidate As Trump’s Approval Rating Increases: TPI


Fraud and Failure in D.C. Public Schools: Max Eden Lindsey Burke
A Total Failure of the State: Mark Steyn
Cryptocurrency Exchange Nebula to Launch, With Unique Reputation System: NewsBTC

Scandal Central

Bolton: ‘This is the First Attempted Coup D’etat in America’s History’: 100%
Mueller Unseals VA District Indictment Forcing Manafort To Defend Two Fronts: CTH
FBI was told by someone close to Nikolas Cruz that “he’s so into ISIS”: Robert Spencer


7 Incredibly Shocking Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger: LifeNews
America Needs a Civil War: Christopher DeGroot
I Thought America Hated Donald Trump: Brian C. Joondeph

President Donald Trump Delivers Speech To CPAC Audience: CTH
Mentally Disturbed CNN Aims Anger at Trump, NRA: EIB
My name is John Bouchell and I am not a bot: John Bouchell


French Movies that can put you in Prison: Postcards From Paris
Germany: Muslim migrant thanks “Mama Merkel” for being able to practice polygamy on benefits: JihadWatch
Taliban, IS Claim Deadly Attacks Across Afghanistan: VOA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

USA, USA, USA: America's 4G Network Is Ranked 62nd 'Best' In The World (Behind Macedonia): ZH
About that New Antidepressant Study: Neuroskeptic
Strip Clubs, Lambos and Hackers: A Tale of Two Bitcoins: Ariel Deschapell


I’m a military man and I think we should ban assault weapons: Ralph Peters
Try enforcing existing gun laws before launching new ones: Andrew Malcolm
What, Exactly, Do You Do Here?: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

The Mauser 98 is a fine example of yesterday's "assault weapon" and there's no reason to ban them, they make fine hunting rifles. The coyote calling contest is over and IF YOU LOOKED, everyone was shooting AR's.
(great article btw).

Taking "the high road" on "military" weapons is unwise, the safety is between your ears, and people who speak of "shooting things up" should be locked up. I believe they call that "terrorist threats".

When Libs blame the gun because Cops didn't execute their duty to protect and serve it's because as Barry opined: "we've been waiting for you".

Anonymous said...

Yep, visiting varmints in the heartland with an AR:

Anonymous said...

You're both right. The .223 was a woefully underpowered round but adopted for warfare because a man could carry many more .223 (55 grain) pills than he could 180 grain bullets. Firepower ruled the day instead of old school marksmanship.
Ask any Vet who tried to shoot past 300 yards in Afghanistan how much he liked that cartridge and he will tell you he wanted something more.