Saturday, February 17, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Rosenstein: No American ‘Had Any Knowledge’ In Russian Meddling Indictment

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Rosenstein: No American ‘Had Knowledge’ of Russian Meddling: Justin Caruso
White House Statement on Russian Election Interference Indictments: CTH
Mueller Indicts Russians for ‘Disparaging Hillary Clinton’ In Election Hacking Scheme: GWP

Mueller’s Probe A Farce: Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls: DisMed
As Mueller moves forward, lingering questions about Comey and Clinton: Warren Richey
25 Disturbing Facts About Refugee Resettlements from Somalia: Leo Hohmann

Spare Us the ‘Conversation’: George Neumayr
Here’s a list of recent attacks the FBI missed despite major warning signs: Twitchy
Police Called To Florida Gunman's Home 39 Times Since 2010: DailyWire

The Left Fails to Recognize the Current Reality: EIB
Juvenile Viciousness Is Here to Stay: Gilbert T. Sewall
Mueller Indicts 13 Russian Nationals Involved In Election Interference: Chuck Ross

Scandal Central

Gorka Offers ‘Tip’ to Mueller: If You Want To Actually Put People in Prison, Start With Hillary: Joseph A. Wulfsohn
Remember Judge Contreras?: Imperator_Rex
Dreamers Charged in Brutal Baseball Bat Beating of Sex-Trafficked Girl: GWP

Climate, Energy & Regulations

‘The Illusion Of Debate’—A History of the Climate Issue: Part 2 (2009 – 2011): JoNova


Tucker Carlson: 'They Call It Gun Control But It’s Not --- It’s People Control': Breitbart
5 Terrible Things the Media Communicates to Every Potential School Shooter: David Forsmark
Associated Press Endorses 'Accountability Journalism': Susan Duclos

Media Swallows Militia Leader's Claim School Shooter Was Connected to White Supremacists: Rick Moran
The One Single Person To Blame For The Florida School Shooting: Matt Walsh
Andrea Mitchell Worries FBI Mistake on Cruz Investigation Will Undermine Russia Probe: David Rutz


It's All Politics: Why Netanyahu Is Likely to Beat the Rap and Keep Leading Israel: Caroline Glick
Hijab compulsory in around 150 UK schools, government too ‘politically correct’ to step in: Westmonster
Paris: Muslim dominated ‘No Go Zones’ turned into full-fledged mini Islamic states: BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Bank of America Has Filed More Cryptocurrency Patents Than Any Other Company: BitcoinsChannel
Ancient city in Mexico had as many buildings as Manhattan: DailyMail
Supermassive Black Holes are Growing Faster than Their Galaxies: I4U


The Narrative Failed: Sondrakistan
Students in Texas School District Feel Safe With Staff Who Carry Concealed Weapons: WZ
More Heroes: Sondrakistan

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So happy to see the Swiss will no longer be eating lobsters.
It does remind me however that Rush Limbaugh offered 2 thousand dollars for a 23 pound lobster, and I tell you, in his reassigned but conflicted little heart he would offer ten times as much today. This is a man who should check himself in to a Crustacean Clinic and deal with this. And even here he would need to be escorted to the right Clinic because left to himself he would check in to a Resort that only served seafood.