Monday, February 19, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Russia Launches ‘Information’ War, U.S. Responds with Lawsuit and Self-Destruction

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Russia Launches ‘Information’ War, U.S. Responds with Lawsuit: Andrew C. McCarthy
The Charges Mueller Could Have Brought Against The Russians But Didn’t: Hot Air
General Flynn Should Withdraw His Guilty Plea: Sidney Powell

We Can’t Have A Debate About Guns If Liberals Keep Lying About Them: David Harsanyi
No, It’s Not Cowardly to Be Conservative on Gun Rights: David French
6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control: Fed

Understanding the California Mind: Victor Davis Hanson
Former Prosecutor on Collusion Narrative — ‘It’s Over’: TruePundit
Illegal Alien in Fla. Drug Bust Deported 3 Times, Easily Reentered U.S.: JW


Democrats struggle with rising popularity of GOP tax law: Al Weaver
Occupational Licensing Blunts Competition and Boosts Inequality: Slashdot
Billionaire Bill Gates says he should pay "significantly higher" taxes: CNN

Scandal Central

Mueller Patched Together Much of His Indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe Article: GWP
Russian Pro-Trump Rallies Total: 31 People… Russian Anti-Trump Rallies Total: 10,100 People: GWP
New Talk Of Impeachment, But Not For Trump: Jazz Shaw


Black Panther’s Circle of Hype: Armond White
NY Times Skips Facts to Claim New Indictments Make Trump 'Hoax Claim Harder to Sell': NB
Shocker! WaPo Fact Check Agrees With Rubio’s Statement On New Gun Laws: Karen Townsend

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Max Boot Edition: BattleSwarm
Trump Says Obama Didn’t Stop Russian Meddling, Media Erupts : Deanna Fisher
Look who is calling IP2P “unprofessional”: IP2P


Turkey Threatens to Invade Greece: Uzay Bulut
Nigeria: Muslims wipe out 15 villages in mass slaughter of Christians, government does nothing: Robert Spencer
Israel destroys Hamas tunnel following rocket fire: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The state of AI: 10 eye-opening statistics: Carla Rudder
What Is the Most Underutilized Trend in Data Analytics? Q&A with Ken Kelley: Nicole D'Angelo
Dad uses 3D printing to convince kids he stole the moon in hilarious prank: 3ders


One Jew’s Red-Pill Journey – Part 3 of ? : RPJ
Happy Presidents’ Day, And Yes, He Is Your President: MOTUS
Last Thread from Imperator_Rex: EgyptDay

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