Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"Forward": a Gallery of Inspirational Posters Celebrating the President's 2012 Campaign Slogan

Because, given the economy, "Hope" and "Change" were both pink-slipped.

Of course, given young Barry's upbringing, this new slogan can't have come as much of a surprise.


Matthew W said...

Don't leave out China's "Great Leap Forward"!

The Machiavellian said...

Along with the communist language, Obama's image everywhere further cements his immersion in this despicable ideology.

The cult of personality is a danger to any republic. Remember the Obama flag at the Democratic headquarters in Florida?

The United States of Obama picture in your post is from his re-election site and if you scroll down, you see a mural of him being painted at a campaign headquarters in North Dakota.

And I should add, those who worship at the altar of the cult of personality are a danger to individual freedom as well.

Shayne said...

Once again, the Democrats - under the failed leadership of Obama - are betting the farm that the masses are stupid.

They may just win that bet. Oh, look, American Idol is on tomorrow.