Sunday, May 20, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) Tells Eric Holder to Stuff It

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Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) Tells Eric Holder to Stuff It: RS
Oops: Voter ID Required at Another Democratic Caucus: RNLA
Obama's 'Attack Watch' Slams 'Kenya' Booklet Story: Breitbart

A Word From Tom Lipscomb: Power Line
The Fiction of Barack Obama: NoisyRm
Obama's Atrocities: Breitbart

Sputtering, misfiring, broken old democracy: JPA
A Racial Revolution?: Sowell
1001 Reasons to Vote for Obama: CDN


U.S. to face another credit downgrade if Obama reelected: DC
Mostly Peaceful Occupy 'Activists' Held on Terror Charges: JWF
No corporate welfare for the merchants of death: Hoosier

Shocker: Obama, socialist French leader call for stimulus: GWP
Maryland’s April employment figures are cause for concern: LI
Cali Nightmare: deficit, unemployment spike as businesses exit: Events

9th Circuit Takes Plush Maui Vacation At Taxpayer Expense: Breitbart
All Roads in Europe Lead to Gold: ZH
FaceBook: The Complete Forensic Post-Mortem: ZH

Scandal Central

The EPA Is Annexing Alaska: Wizbang
Saudis Supply 90 Percent of Jihad Funding: RWN
Big Macs, KFCs and takeaway pizzas are HEALTHIER than many NHS hospital meals: Daily Mail

Climate & Energy

Obama challenges oil companies to drill existing leases even if there's no oil there: RS
The “well funded” climate business – follow the money: C&S
Gore Beclowns Himself Yet Again With Idiotic Fabrications About the Warming Cult: Depot


The ideological extremism of David Brooks: Patterico
Conservatives support Jon Lovitz as liberal trolls renew vile attacks: Twitchy
Graphic film on female sex tourists cheered in Cannes:

The Election 2012 Raaaaacism Meme Grows: STACLU
Hannity Special: McCain Camp Didn’t Vet Obama; Palin Thought That Was a Mistake: C4P
ESPN to Manny Pacquiao: Stop Defending 'Cruel, Untrue' Catholic Church: NB

In 2006, TAB First Published Details of Obama's Literary Agent: TAB
Exclusive Document Debunks Unfavorable Myth About Obama's Columbia Years: Breitbart
Dershowitz: FL state prosecutor Angela Corey illegally withheld evidence from the courts: Scoop


Earthquake hits Italy: Fatalities and many injured, photos from scene: Twitchy
How Islam Killed Greco-Roman Civilization: FPM
Ratcheting Up The Crisis In Europe: Mead

Losing Egypt, Losing the Mid-East: AT
China Military Getting Stronger: NYT
Spain: The "Most Anti-Semitic Country in Europe": Gatestone


Science vs. PR: AEI
SpaceX rocket launch aborted in last second: Times
Facebook's aggressive approach to solving its mobile problem: CNet


Elizabeth Warren Indian Love Call: Sad Hill News
"Birth" of a Liberal's "Truth": MOTUS
A Nice Crowd: C&S

Image: Breitbart
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "...At one point last week, television networks were sending camera crews out onto the streets to look for panicky customers standing in line at ATMs or at bank counters; but then they realized that these days you can do it all on the net. We have entered the age of the invisible bank run and are waiting for the first virtual panic.

An invisible bank run is a hard thing to watch; not only is it less telegenic than the old-fashioned kind, one relies on numbers from official government agencies for statistics. How much money left the banking system today? How many banks need emergency liquidity to meet the tide of withdrawals? In the old days, reporters could and did watch lines form outside the banks and watch the armored trucks arrive with cash. These days it is happening anonymously and you only know what they tell you.

They are very unlikely to tell you the truth ... ... They don’t want you to panic — and they want to make sure that your money is trapped when they take it away or turn it from gold into straw." --Walter Russell Mead

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