Monday, May 28, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: A post-Brett Kimberlin blogburst to-do list

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A post-Brett Kimberlin blogburst to-do list: Malkin
Let Us Count the Ways the MSM Has Failed in Recent Weeks: Nice Deb
The Boys of Pointe du Hoc: Ace

Democrats giving up on Wisconsin recall?: Hot Air
WI Democrats hold big recall rally... only a couple hundred show up: GWP
Candidate who nearly upset Obama in Arkansas to sue for delegates: Fox


The EU: Steady on Its Course from Tragedy to Farce: Kimball
Nuts to Nutting: Under Obama, Real Spending Has Exploded: Blumer
How Sweden, Switzerland handle debt, taxes and spending: McClatchy

Just 2 in 10 Latino Students Finish Comm. College in 6 Years: AmPow
Germans Begin To Suffer From Europe’s Woes: Mead
Europe's Maquina Infernal has crippled Spain: Telegraph

Administration Spending $5.5 Million Per Green Energy Job: GWP
Can't Wait Until They Run the Whole Health Care System: Instapundit
Market falling like a stone: Market Oracle

Climate & Energy

EPA jumped gun with its Pebble mining project report: Anchorage Daily


20 years later, it turns out Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown and unmarried moms: WaPo
David Brooks: Obama’s decision to go negative is ‘self-destructive’: Beacon
Media hastily erase articles about Malia Obama’s appearance at One Direction concert: DC

Bogus Call Sends Police to Home of Kimberlin Critic Erick Erickson: Patterico
MSNBC Flack Can't Deal With the Concept of "Hero" on Memorial Day: Ace
Weinergate retrospective — the lying liars and their lies about Andrew Breitbart: LI

Friedman: “If Only Obama Would Talk About His Super Awesome Record”: Pirate's Cove
Another MSNBC Hack Is ‘Uncomfortable’ Calling Our Troops ‘Heroes’: Publius
Bob Schieffer Laughs Out Loud After Playing Video of Obama Bragging About His Accomplishments: NB


The Facebook Caliphate: Steyn
Pat Condell: Can I Say This?: Ace
France: Muslims stone Christians in church during Mass: JihadWatch

Iran Confirms Sending Troops to Syria: ynet
Bay Area crowds see battleship Iowa off on final voyage: LAT
Inmates, corruption rule Honduras' deadly prisons despite multiple calls for reform: Trib

Defense chief Panetta: Looming cuts would be ‘disastrous’: Times
Egypt: Leading Cleric Brags About Forcing U.S. Officials To Wear The Hijab: WZ
Iran nuclear chief says Tehran to build new nuclear plant by early 2014: Haaretz


German teen Shouryya Ray solves 300-year-old mathematical riddle posed by Sir Isaac Newton:
Facebook Is Staffing Up With Apple Engineers To Build The Facebook Phone: Insider
The fifth annual Concorso Ferrari brings out more than $100m in cars (Slideshow): Times


Five Best: Elliot Perlman -- On memoirs bearing witness to the Holocaust: WSJ
Hijack alert: Describe Obama in three words takes off: Twitchy
This is Indiana: Briceadipo & Daniel Weber

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