Monday, May 14, 2012

Perfect: 49 headless bodies found near U.S. border may have been U.S.-bound illegals attracted by lawless Obama administration policies

The inviting open-borders policies of the Obama Democrats may have contributed to the gruesome slaughter of nearly 50 people, whose decapitated bodies were found close to the U.S border.

Police found 49 mutilated bodies scattered in a pool of blood near the border with the U.S., a region where Mexico's two dominant drug cartels are trying to outdo each other in bloodshed while warring over smuggling routes... The bodies of 43 men and six women with their heads, hands and feet chopped off were dumped at the entrance to the town of San Juan, on a highway that connects the industrial city of Monterrey with Reynosa, across from McAllen, Texas.

At the spot where authorities discovered the bodies before dawn Sunday, a white stone arch that normally welcomes visitors to the town was spray-painted with "100% Zeta" in black letters — an apparent reference to the fearsome Zetas drug cartel that was founded by deserters from the Mexican army's special forces.

...Domene said the dead would be hard to identify because of the lack of heads, hands and feet...

De la Garza said he did not rule out the possibility that the victims were U.S.-bound migrants.

...In less than a month, the mutilated bodies of 14 men were left in a van in downtown Nuevo Laredo, 23 people were found hanged or decapitated in the same border city and 18 dismembered bodied were left near Mexico's second-largest city, Guadalajara. Nuevo Laredo, like Monterrey, is considered Zeta territory, while Guadalajara has long been controlled by gangs loyal to Sinaloa...

...A drug gang allied with Sinaloa left 35 bodies on a main boulevard in the city of Veracruz in September, and police found 32 other bodies, apparently killed by the same gang, a few days after that. The goal apparently was to take over territory that had been dominated by the Zetas... Twenty-six bodies were found in November in Guadalajara, another territory being disputed by the Zetas and Sinaloa... Drug violence has killed more than 47,500 people since Calderon launched a stepped-up offensive when he took office in December 2006.

Let us recall that the Obama administration has sued state after state after state for enforcing immigration laws while systematically endorsing sanctuary cities.

Let us also recall that the Obama administration halted all construction of the border fence, which is supported by a stunning 81 percent of Americans, according to USA Today.

In other words, nearly 50 human beings -- likely lured to the border by the lawless policies of the Obama administration -- lost their lives as part of a turf war spurred in part by -- yes -- the open borders policies of the Obama administration that tacitly permits drug- and human-smuggling.

I guess we can just add 'em to the total of Operation Fast and Furious (300 dead and counting).

Image: Borderland Beat.

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