Monday, May 21, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Great Barry

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The Great Barry: Steyn
Another Sign the U.S. is Over: Pelerin
Two More Mostly Peaceful Occupiers Charged In Bomb Plot: MBT

Biden's Words Fall on Deaf Ears in Ohio: RCP
Looting like pirates in the name of fighting crime: Hayek
NATO summit protest photos: Sunday, May 20: Trib


Obama Pursues Higher Tax Rates, Growth Be Damned: Barone
Walker rising, Barrett falling, Unions crying: LI
Cory Booker: Bain has done a lot to support businesses: Beacon

'Is the GOP trying to sabotage the economy?': Power Line
Ouch: Watch Paul Ryan Spank Austan Goolsbee: GWP
Teacher screams at student: criticizing Obama is illegal!: Breitbart

Full-Fledged European Bank Run Underway: Mish
Europe’s Worst Fear: Spain and Greece Spiral Down Together: NYT
Rising US recession risk poses the real threat to Europe: Telegraph

Scandal Central

Obama wants this dead cop to go away: Carlson
Pic of the Day: Obama’s Sealed Records: Nice Deb
Fisker Karma Fire in Texas Garage Being Probed by NHTSA: BizWk

Climate & Energy

Your Random Surfing For Cute Cats And Funny Puppies Is Killing Gaia!: Cove
Obama Keeps A Bad Promise to Kill Off Coal: GWP
EPA threatening energy producers: Waide


Daniel Adkins, Left-Wing Media, & the Arizona “Stand-Your-Ground” Victim Ignored: RippDemUp
Trayvon Martin Shown in New Surveillance Video: AmPower
Marco Rubio: Obama Is Most “Divisive Figure In Modern American History”: WZ

Heroic, Courageous Gay President Steers Clear of Prop 8 in California: JWF
Chicago: 18 Men In Hoodies Enter Restaurant, Use Hammers and Nightsticks To Attack Patrons: Jawa
Page & Plant Interview In Strolling Drone: RSM

The Long Shadow of Barack Obama's Identity Crisis: Power Line
‘Other Computer Savvy Activists’: RSM
Unhurt after being crushed by occupiers and police gauntlet: Marathon


G-8 Leaders Agree: More Rosy Platitudes, Empty Statements Needed: Mead
Silver Star for the outstanding job Tech. Sgt. Tavis Delaney did in Afghanistan: Ace
Eurozone's banks are 'in tatters', says Ken Clarke: BBC

White House Leaks Details of SEAL Mission, Underwear Bomber... For Political Spin: Ace
Iran committed to ‘full annihilation of Israel,’ says top Iranian military commander: DC
Chuck Schumer Channels Nazi Germany, Goes After Americans Attempting to Escape Taxes: Hideout


Leap Motion: 3D hands-free motion control, unbound: CNet
Where do babies come from?: Ace
Android, Samsung top smartphone sales, topping Apple's iPhone: NetWorld


Marine Returns to Beautiful Surprise: Sees Son with Cerebral Palsy Walk for the First Time: ObjStd
“Breaking Bad” as a retirement option: Primordial Slack
SNL’s Season Finale Digital Short Reprises ‘Lazy Sunday’: Mediate

Image: Chicago Tribune
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QOTD: "The legacy press, which covers empty non-events like this [G-8 Summit] with great relish, strained and gasped to find some drama in the event. Would the leaders fail to find a statement so bland, so meaningless and yet somehow cheery and optimistic sounding that their deliberations would be difficult? Would any leaders have a few too many cocktails and let a little bit of candor slip into the flow of banal talk? ... As usual, the answer to these questions appears to be no. President Obama spoke of an ‘emerging consensus’; translated out of dipspeak that means that no consensus emerged...

...For the New York Times, the desire to make President Obama look good and the journalistic need to whomp up some drama led to a story line about “pressure” being put on Germany’s Angela Merkel to shift to a more accommodative, ‘pro-growth’ path. No doubt she is under pressure, but did peer pressure or anything else at the G-8 change her mind? The Times story tries hard to make it look as if something was going on, but close reading of the story shows no movement in Merkel’s position from her first meeting with Hollande and the final communique simply repeats the usual bilge. Judging from the quotes in the piece, the best headline would have been “Merkel Rejects Obama Plea for Change in German Policy”, but the misleading and vacuous “World Leaders Urge Growth, Not Austerity” struck the Times as a happier way to go." --Walter Russell Mead

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