Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Fidelity to Failed Ideas

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Fidelity to Failed Ideas: RWN
The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Bain Bundler: NRO
Dems Attack Romney Over Layoffs Made by Obama Bundler: Breitbart

Black Pastor Abandons Obama After Gay Marriage, eh, 'Pivot': WZ
Wisconsin now has a Dem recall face, and doesn’t like it: LI
African-American Church Leaders Condemn Obama: WJZ

Millionaire Socialists and the Morons Who Love Them: CDN
Obama's Thug-Style Campaign Tactics: Boortz
Pelosi, Reid are America's Least Favorite Politicians: Beacon


Europe Needs Real Liberty, Not Fake “Austerity”: ObjStd
Forward: Obama pushes yet another billion-dollar stimulus plan: Times
European elections a warning to Obama: LAT

Federal Court Strikes Down Ambush Election Rule: FreeEnt
Insurers issuing new round of rebates must credit Obamacare: Malkin
Former Obama Car Czar Trashes Gay Preezy’s Attack Ad: JWF

Out Ever-Growing Government: Brooks
Greece euro exit a time bomb under Obama reelection: Peth
Heh: Marxist University Evicts Marxists From Occupying It’s Property: Sooper

Scandal Central

HHS Sends $5.9 Million to Program Run by Obama Buddy: Dossier
Two Cheers for the House of Representatives: RWN
Public employees second only to financial pros in fraud, study shows: Beacon

Conservative Reps Plan To Push House Leadership Toward Contempt Resolution for Holder: Nice Deb
Boehner Is Stalling Holder Contempt Citation On Fast And Furious: WstrnJrnlsm
Please do not photograph Obama’s wreck at the side of the road: LI

Climate & Energy

In the American West: an Ocean of Oil: Hot Air
GAO To Obama: More Oil Than Rest Of The World: IBD
AGW Awesome: German Banks Forbidden From Financing Off-Shore Batshredders: Soylent (NSFW)


Truth in Labeling: Why Not Just Call The Media Democrats?: AT
Film Company Owned By Obama Supporter Promotes Violence Against Bristol Palin: Breitbart
CNN’s Kurtz Blasts MSNBC’s Tamron Hall for Throwing a Hissy Fit on the Air: AIM

How to Assert Copyright Over Your Work When It’s Been Plagiarized by Legacy Media: AllAm
How Our “Gay President” Learned About Sex: AIM
New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America by Burton Folsom Jr.: ObjStd (subscription)

Author Ed Klein: Clinton and Obama Have “nothing but Mutual Contempt for Each Other”: Nice Deb
Edward Klein Was On Hannity On The Drive Home: RSM
Palin: Ted Cruz for Texas: C4P


60 Minutes: Clinton Passed on Opportunity to Kill Bin Laden in 1999: NB
Who Will Suffer As A Result of Euro Policies? The Jews.: Gatestone
Greece Virtually Out Of Cash One Day Before Critical Bond Maturity: ZH

Closing the Tech Gap: China’s Spaceplane: DefTech
No Thanks to Aid, Africa Is Getting Better: Cato
Mexico drug war's latest toll: 49 headless bodies near U.S. border: Fox


How Liberalism Literally Makes You Sick: MB
The Chinese Would NEVER Backdoor Phones, Right?: Ticker
Hands On With Pebble Smartwatch, the Most Successful Kickstarter Project Ever: Wired


One Afternoon In a Garage in Reno, Nevada: IowaHawk
Exclusive: Obama Lived Less Than One Mile From Bill Ayers During the Mysterious New York Years: WstrnJrnlsm
The Newsweek Cover Before the Photoshop Reveals Ghostly Image: iOTW

Image: Crass Obama after a commencement address at Barnard College ‘I’ve got to get my s***’
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "...an analysis by Joseph Vranich, who studies migration of businesses from one state to another, finds that since 2009 the flight of businesses out of California "has increased fivefold due to high taxes and regulatory costs."

This month Chief Executive magazine reports that its annual survey of CEOs ranked California dead last among the 50 states in business climate. Texas was number one. The silver lining for Jerry Brown, if not for the California fisc, is that if you're already ranked 50th you can't get any lower—though he seems willing to try." --The Wall Street Journal

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