Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Three Charts That Bode Ill for the Democrat-Media Complex

From journalism's version of Paul Ryan, James Pethokoukis, comes this pithy economic update:

Vice President Joe Biden is telling Ohio voters today that “things really are starting to come back.”

Is one of those “things” the U.S. economy? Because as the following three charts show, the U.S. economy is struggling through an abysmal recovery not really worth the name:

1. Sickly Economic Growth

2. Falling Real Wages

3. A Shrunken Labor Force

[...But] perhaps President Obama can somehow argue things are going about as well as can be expected after a financial crisis. Then again, a recent CBS-New York Times poll found that 67% of Americans think the economy is “bad” and gave Mitt Romney a 46-43 lead over the president.

So far voters don’t seem to be really buying Biden’s — or Obama’s — comeback story. They may not have seen these three charts, but they sure are feeling them, unfortunately, in their everyday lives. From Gallup:<

There is no recovery, nor will there be one as long as this ego-maniacal ideologue remains in office.

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