Thursday, May 24, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Are Republicans to Blame for Washington’s Problems?

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Are Republicans to Blame for Washington’s Problems?: RWN
Occupy group videos themselves pillaging SF neighborhood: Zombie
Heading Off the Fiscal Cliff: IBD

20,000 Felons Signed Walker Recall Petition: HillBuzz
WI's Tom Barrett: Bragging About Bogus Crime Reduction: Geraghty
Wasserman-Nimrod Likely to Get Canceled at Temple Israel: Shark


Romney: I’m not willing to borrow money from China to fund PBS: DC
Actually, the Obama spending binge really did happen: Peth
Paul Ryan's Electrifying Speech at the Reagan Library: Glob

20,000 Felons Signed Walker Recall Petition: HillBuzz
A Graduation Message: Academic Success Begins at Home: Foundry
Labor Force Plummets Under Obama: HillBuzz

Figures Don't Lie. Democrats Do.: Coulter
Five Devastating Numbers That Show Obama’s Incompetence: RWN
Booming Obamaconomy has HP cutting 27,000 by 2014: BBC

Scandal Central

Obama campaign spokesman bears false witness: RS
Obama wants the Electric Reliability Corporation to stop assessing electric reliability: Watts
Surprise: PR Firm Awarded $20MM HHS Contract Gives 90% of Campaign Donations to Democrats: ConTeacher

Climate & Energy

Ready for Electricity to Skyrocket? Thank Obama!: Sooper
EPA Overreach Threatens Entire U.S. Economy: ResourcefulEarth
UK Families To See Energy Prices Skyrocket Under Green Energy 'Reforms': RWN


‘He Has No F–king Soul’: RSM
Celebrity Fantasy? Hustler's Obscene Misogynist Attack on S.E. Cupp: AmPower
The Booty Bundler: Beacon

Bomber Turned Left Wing Activist, Brett Kimberlin, Tries to Silence Conservative Opposition: RS
What Did Barbra Streisand Know … And When Did She Know It?: DailyPundit
Question of the day: Is this a case of self-destruction for Dear Leader?: AWD

Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand's Morality of Egoism: ObjStd
Alec 'Fat Turd Baldwin (which is the nickname he prefers, I hear) mocks Andrew Breitbart’s death: Twitchy
From an Undisclosed Location to Herman Cain’s Facebook Wall, the Truth Issues Forth: Sundries

Reputable Blogger Needed: XCV
Free speech moment: Standing with Stacy McCain, Patterico, Liberty Chick, and Aaron Walker: Hot Air
The Astute Bloggers Just Screwed Me Over Again: TAB


Judicial Watch Obtains DOD and CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Raid Filmmakers: JW
German Press: "The Greek Exit Is A Done Deal": ZH
Iran: World powers creating 'difficult atmosphere' at talks: ynet


Jury Says Google’s Android Does Not Infringe Java Patents: Wired
SpaceX rocket lifts off for space station trial run: Reuters
Your Siri questions may be not be a secret: KABC


Introducing the hot new social network: PhoneBook!: Borowitz
Exclusive Photo: Rabbis about to throw Debbie Wasserman Schultz out of the Temple?: EBL
A Little Obama P.R. (or B.S.): Unsolicited

Image: iOwnTheWorld
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QOTD: "NERC (the North American Electric Reliability Corporation) must have thought it was taking a step up when a 2005 law made the non-profit group an official advisor to Congress, but that law also brought them under the oversight of FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) which just spent months of rummaging through every desk looking for rule violations they could use to embroil NERC in legal difficulties.

It seems that the President’s drive to shut down the coal-fired half of the grid could pose some risk to grid reliability—who’d a thunk it?—so Obama is trying to shoot the messenger. When no violations were found, FERC decided to “audit” NERC’s mission itself, resulting in a finding that this business of “periodic reliability assessments” is all a bit much and “should be revisited.”...

...The perils of shutting down the nation’s largest electricity source can’t be news to the Obama people. They just don’t want the public to get the message." --Alec Rawls