Monday, May 14, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Dots Get Connected -- Soros Ally Teaches Democrats Cloward-Piven?

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Connecting dots: Soros Ally Teaches Democrats Cloward-Piven?: RSM
Troops as Political Props: BlackFive
War on the Catholic Church: AT

The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama: Blaze
Jeremiah Wright: Obama Pal Offered Him $150K to Shut Up in '08: Hot Air
Obama Tried to Bribe Rev. Wright: Riehl

The Fall Of The Roman, I mean American Empire: CDN
Senator Bill Nelson Co-Opted By Obama’s Extreme Agenda: Shark
Warren's Indian Tales Help Turn MA Race Into Town vs. Gown: Cmtry


Update on the Higher Education Bubble: Power Line
JPM: Immediate Losses From Greek Exit Could Reach 400 Billion: ZH
Ally Financial's mortgage unit nears bankruptcy: sources: Reuters

You Know It's Public Money...: SDA
Report: 230,000 unemployed losing benefits over weekend: Hill
Monster deal heats up, LinkedIn to pass: sources: Reuters

Scandal Central

Issa to Holder: Waiting for "Fast and Furious" docs like waiting for Godot: CBS
Government study: flaws in government study of cost of government studies: Malkin
Communists in Congress? (1) Hansen Clarke (D) Michigan: Loudon

Climate & Energy

The Belief That CO2 Can Regulate Climate Is “Sheer Absurdity”: Power Line
The Idea Man: SDA
Biden in 2007: Coal more likely to kill an American than terrorism: Beacon


Tea Party’s effective use of Twitter aiding its makeover of GOP: LI
Colussus: Primordial Slack
Newsweek: Obama Is The First Gay President: Cube

Why Doesn’t Obama Ban Iranian Press TV?: AIM
The Left is Getting Clobbered on Twitter: Power Line
Why Obama Can Accurately Be Described as a Dictator: WesternJourn

Why Obama Turned Gay for Pay–He Knows He’s Being Fired: Bruce
Krugman Just Figured It Out Now: You need a Nobel Prize to be this slow, apparently: Ticker
Family Guy Does Entire Episode Trashing Tea Party as Racist Anarchists Destined to Destroy America: NB


Bowing to Islamic Supremacy: AT
As the Eurozone Implodes, a New Nazi Movement Rises: NoisyRm
Obama’s lies about Islam are deadly: Creeping

The war on Israel, Irish-style: ynet
Geert Wilders: Marked For Death: FPM
"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!": SDA


Thanks to a Bionic Suit, Paralyzed Mom Finishes Marathon: ObjStd
Court: NSA's Activity with Google Exempted from FOIA: Breitbart
Muscle Cars Are Not Fast: DailyPundit


The Mathemagics Behind the Unemployment Rate: MOTUS
Operation Hot Mic: American Crossroads
Teen scores NFL star as prom date on Twitter: Fox

A Mother’s Work is Never Done. Apparently: MOTUS
Repeal, But Don't Replace: Shane Wright
The New Communism is Just Like the Old Communism: Western Rifle

Image: Communists in Congress? (1) Hansen Clarke (D) Michigan: NoisyRm
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QOTD: "Recent observations by law enforcement officials throughout the state have revealed that gang members have increasingly engaged in formal martial arts and firearms training. Whether a gang member is incarcerated or on the streets, he is encouraged, if not required, to acquire an assortment of training to benefit the gang. A well-trained cadre of gang members may embolden the group and create a more dangerous environment for law enforcement officials when encountering gang membership involved in criminal activity." --California State Threat Assessment Center

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