Saturday, May 19, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Progressing toward Moral Darkness

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Progressing toward Moral Darkness: Horne
Republicans: Vote To Defeat Obama in Arkansas Dem Primary!: Sooper
AZ Secretary of State Threatens to Remove Obama from Ballot: Dossier

With Friends Like Obama...: MRC
Connections: Soros, A Terrorist, Democrats and Obama?: Camp
No Need To Run a $10 Million Campaign on Jeremiah Wright: Hawkins

Does 04 + 08 = 12?: Patterico
Obama's Agent Requires All Authors To Submit Their Own Bios: Ace
Obama bio stated he'd been born in Kenya until 2007: Breitbart


Joe Biden: Obama Economy Driving People To Support Jailed Felons: Riehl
What the obama Administration Has Taught America: RWN
Disneyland ticket prices to increase from $80 to $87: KABC

Civility: Vandals In Wisconsin Now Burning Scott Walker Yard Signs: Glob
TSA: Success Rate of Full-Body Scanners Is Classified: Reason
Memo to Justice Kagan: Taxes Are Coercive: ObjStd (3/12)

Scandal Central

House GOP leaders order Holder to cooperate on gun-running probe: Times
Internet gambling: Holder's DOJ law reinterpretation benefits Obama's home state, Dem donors: Marathon
Is a 1978 case rejecting academic racial quotas, the smoking gun behind Obama’s 'Kenyan' identity?: Bookworm

Climate & Energy

The Global Renewable Energy Index is crashing: Watts
Pathetic: After Blocking Oil Drilling, Obama Now Posing in Front of Oil Wells: JWF
The question put to Dr. Mann at Disneyland today: Watts


Alan Dershowitz: It’s Time to Drop the Murder Rap Against George Zimmerman: JWF
Who Warned Us About Brett Kimberlin?: RSM
Witness Saw Little Angel Trayvon, Who Was High on Drugs, Beating George Zimmerman “MMA Style”: MB

The Crucial Trayvon Martin Evidence the Media Won’t Repeat: Owens
Counterfeit Kenyan: Taranto
Mark Levin rails against Romney camp for avoiding Rev. Wright issue: DC

All of Seven women show up for NOW’s big anti-Rush protest in DC: MBT
Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Temple Israel Destroy 70 Year Family Relationship: Shark
Presidential Election 2012: Eddie Haskell versus Ward Cleaver: Bookworm


The Fascist Boogie Fever: NoisyRm
The College for Defense of the Bolivarian Alternative of the America: Latin America’s school for dictators: Fausta
Two Obama Administration Scandals on Syria?: BRubin

The Three C's: Gates of Vienna
Opposition to an Iranian nuclear weapon is global: Matzav
Spain crisis rocks Europe as Moody's downgrades banks including Santander: Independent

The Spirit of Geert Wilders : Steyn
The New Egypt's Politics: Who Can Demonize Jews And Israel, The Most?: JoshuaPundit
U.N. Chief Says Al-Qaeda Active In Syria: WZ


In Demand: Ninjas, Jedis and Gurus: WSJ
Where and When to See Sunday’s Solar Eclipse: Bruce
Facebook debut as a public company fails to pop as stock closes nearly flat: WaPo


Great Moments In Presidential History With Obama: Looking Spoon
The Amateur and the Other Amateur: MOTUS
The 12 best tweets about Dana Loesch’s new superpower: Twitchy

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QOTD: "The disintegration of the euro looks to me to be the most likely outcome... we may get some temporary respite from the panic if Greece manages to form a government, but this will surely just prove temporary as further austerity leads to continued recession, civil discontent and greater support for extremist political parties [which is already scary – 1-in-14 Greeks just voted for a neo-Nazi party].

The ECB very probably has more tricks up its sleeve, which may be LTRO 3 or perhaps some form of Quantitative Easing [e.g. purchasing a GDP weighted portion of member states’ government bonds]. But these measures will again fail to address the underlying imbalances at the heart of the eurozone." --Mike Riddell, M&G

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