Saturday, May 26, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Is a fraud better than a Republican?

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Is a fraud better than a Republican?: Baehr
Why The Brett Kimberlin Story Is A Big Problem For Progressives: Riehl
Growing Up Obama: EBL

Barrett’s internal polling suggests his campaign is dead: Watchdog
Wasserman-Schlitz: Losing Wisconsin No Big Deal: Ace
Penn Law Had Precisely One Female Native American Prof, Too: Ace

Christie Is Not One of Us: McCarthy
Constitutional Countdown: Foundry
As Obama redefines everything .. the right whiffs at the plate: CDN


The Worst Union in America: City Journal
Oops: even AP shreds Obama's 'thrifty' claim: AP
Vulture Capitalism? Try Obama's Version: Strassel

Kimberlin Funders Stunned to Find They Fund Kimberlin: Breitbart
Obama tells 'the whopper of the year': NoisyRm
Number of high-school students with jobs hits 20-year low: Times

Scandal Central

GOP Freshmen Press for Contempt Vote on Holder: Texas Insider
Obama on May 26, 2010: "The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra": Marathon
Holder refuses Fast and Furious interview request, accuses TheDC of throwing ‘sticks and stones’: DC

Climate & Energy

Climategate Continues: NRO
Summary: The International Conference on Climate Change 7: Watts
Just A Reminder Of What The Combined Evil Of Eco-Zealots And Government Will Do: Soylent (NSFW)


NYT Sobs: Walker Is Likely to Survive Recall: S&L
Obama’s HS Drug Dealer Killed With a Ball-peen Hammer by Scorned Gay Lover: JWF
Obama and His Pot-Smoking ‘Choom Gang’: ABC

Who Is Brett Kimberlin, Why You Need To Know and The Biggest Linkaround EVAH!: AllAm
Must Read Post of the Day. Possibly, the Year: Villainous
Brett Kimberlin Blog Burst: This Just Doesn't Happen: Riehl

I think I was meant to be intimidated: ProWis
Interviewing Robert Stacy McCain About Brett Kimberlin: RWN
Apathy or Courage? What you Choose Today Will Affect Our Nation: XCV

Boston Globe Takes a Tomahawk To Elizabeth Warren's Fauxcahontas Claims: Ace
Boston Globe Takes Credit for Breitbart Scoop: Breitbart
Glenn Beck Interviews Patterico and Aaron Worthing: AmPower


U.S. Manned Space Flight in The 21st Century: Babalu
A Year of Historic Elections: RWN
U.S. study: Iran has enough uranium for five nuclear bombs: Haaretz


Facebook's IPO Flop Is Decade's Worst: Bloomberg
Baby Saved by Smallest Artificial Heart: ABC
Quad-core Samsung Galaxy SIII Is Gorgeous: CNet


Best Elizabeth Warren Parody Video Ever: Glob
He who makes the rules…takes the gold: MOTUS
What Can You Do?: Ace

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QOTD: "The CTA [California Teachers Association] began its transformation in September 1975, when Governor Jerry Brown signed the Rodda Act, which allowed California teachers to bargain collectively. Within 18 months, 600 of the 1,000 local CTA chapters moved to collective bargaining. As the union’s power grew, its ranks nearly doubled, from 170,000 in the late 1970s to approximately 325,000 today. By following the union’s directions and voting in blocs in low-turnout school-board elections, teachers were able to handpick their own supervisors—a system that private-sector unionized workers would envy. Further, the organization that had once forsworn the strike began taking to the picket lines. Today, the CTA boasts that it has launched more than 170 strikes in the years since Rodda’s passage.

The CTA’s most important resource, however, isn’t a pool of workers ready to strike; it’s a fat bank account fed by mandatory dues that can run more than $1,000 per member. In 2009, the union’s income was more than $186 million, all of it tax-exempt. The CTA doesn’t need its members’ consent to spend this money on politicking, whether that’s making campaign contributions or running advocacy campaigns to obstruct reform. According to figures from the California Fair Political Practices Commission (a public institution) in 2010, the CTA had spent more than $210 million over the previous decade on political campaigning—more than any other donor in the state. In fact, the CTA outspent the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, and the tobacco industry combined." --Troy Senik, "The Worst Union in America"

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