Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tasty: Michigan teen bites into finger while eating an Arby's sandwich. The problem? The finger wasn't his.

I lost my appetite a couple of moments ago after reading the following KTRK-TV report:

A Michigan teen made a gristly [sic] discovery after biting into an Arby's junior roast beef sandwich.

Ryan Hart said he had nearly polished off his sandwich last Friday when he bit into something tough to chew that tasted like rubber, so he spit it out.

Turns out it tasted like finger. The fleshy pad of an unfortunate employee's finger, apparently.

"I was like, `That (has) to be a finger,"' Hart, 14, told the Jackson Citizen Patriot on Wednesday. "I was about to puke. ... It was just nasty."

The employee apparently cut her finger on a meat slicer and left her station without immediately telling anyone, said Steve Hall, the environmental health director for the Jackson County health department. Her co-workers continued filling orders before they became aware of what happened, he said.

John Gray, a spokesman for Atlanta-based Arby's, released a statement Wednesday apologizing for what he described as an isolated and "unfortunate incident." He said Arby's is still investigating, but has determined that the Jackson workers shut down food production as soon as they found out what happened and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the restaurant.

...Ryan's mother, Jamie Vail, was incredulous. She and her friend, Joe Wheaton, had taken Ryan and his 11-year-old brother to the Arby's drive-through, and she said she thought her son was joking when he exclaimed he had found a piece of a finger in his sandwich... "Somebody loses a finger, and you keep sending food out the window? I can't believe that," said Vail. She and Wheaton said the severed section was about an eighth to a quarter-inch thick and at least one inch long.

Arby's slogan used to be "It's Good Mood Food"... but perhaps it should be "It's Good Finger Food" instead.

Sorry, it's the best I could come up with now that I have an upset stomach.

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