Friday, May 18, 2012

Innocent young Trayvon captured on video moments before he started beating George Zimmerman "MMA-Style"

Now that authorities have released photos of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman from the night of the shooting, legacy media has suddenly gone deaf, dumb and blind.

Here's a screen-cap of innocent young Trayvon from a 7/11 security camera, moments after smoking a blunt that night. At least, we can assume he'd smoked a blunt, given the THC the coroner detected in his system.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the February death of Trayvon Martin in a Sanford neighborhood. Zimmerman has claimed he shot Martin in self-defense.

Within the documents was the autopsy report, which shows where Martin was shot and what happened as a result. It also said Martin had THC in his body that night. THC is a substance commonly found in marijuana. However, the report did not specify marijuana.

Also among the documents is the original report on Zimmerman's injuries that night. It stated that Zimmerman had abrasions on his forehead, bleeding and tenderness to his nose, and a small laceration on the back of his head. The records also included close-up pictures of Zimmerman face the night of the shooting.

The records include several recordings and pictures, along with 183 pages of documents.

The documents include the original report by Christopher Serino, the investigator who investigated the shooting. The report said the entire incident, from Zimmerman's initial call to when he was taken into custody, only took about eight and a half minutes.

Among the witness statements is one from a man who said he saw a dark-skinned man in a hoodie who was on top of a Hispanic man and punching him. The man yelled that he was going to call the police, and then he heard a "pop." However, the man admitted that he did not see the beginning of the scuffle. Another witness said he heard someone say "I've got a gun, I've got a gun," and "take my gun from me."

...In the report, Serino also said he heard a man's voice yelling either "help" or "help me" 14 times in a 38 second time span on one of the 911 tapes, and that the voice was determined to be Zimmerman.

Another report recounts Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father, listening to the 911 tape. The report said Martin was asked whether the voice on the tape was his son, and Martin "quietly responded 'no.'"

Furthermore, multiple witnesses had described Trayvon's beating of Zimmerman in no uncertain terms:

A witness told Florida cops that he saw Trayvon Martin straddling George Zimmerman and pummeling the neighborhood watch captain “MMA [mixed martial arts] style” shortly before the unarmed teen was felled by a gunshot to the chest. …

Interviewed by cops about 90 minutes after the shooting, the witness — whose name was redacted from police documents — said that he was inside his home when he heard a “commotion coming from the walk way” behind his residence... The man recalled seeing “a black male, wearing a dark colored ‘hoodie’ on top of a white or Hispanic male who was yelling for help.”

Don't expect to see any of this in old media, which is strictly in the business of disseminating Democrat propaganda. And that includes race-baiting, Sharpton-style, and any other disinformation campaigns that can advance the cause of Balkanization and massive, centralized government.

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