Thursday, May 31, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Why Is Trump Bigger News Than, Say, Jon Corzine?

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Why Is Trump Bigger News Than, Say, Jon Corzine?: Geraghty
GOP Whistling Past the End of America: Coulter
American Indian group forms to challenge Elizabeth Warren: LI

Obama campaign warns of ‘shadowy conservative groups’: Twitchy
Culture Still Matters: Hanson
Obama Will Not Win Re-election: Pelerin

The Fog of Litigation: Volokh
Why Jeremiah Wright Matters: Elder
Ted Cruz Underdog Victory in Texas Primary: CDN


CBO: Obama stimulus may have cost $4.1MM per job: Peth
New Yorkers Leave Like East Germans Fled Communism: IBD
Why do people move? It's not a mystery: Elephant

Barrett unable to name any schools 'harmed' by Walker's reforms: Ace
9/11 Fund Raided to Cover California Deficit: Beacon
Feds consider granting special rights to Arab-Americans: Times

Orrin Hatch Opponent Dan Liljenquist Supports Raising Taxes: C4P
One of Obama's Earliest Supporters Defects: Power Line
Chris Christie imposes "Amazon Tax" on New Jersey by fiat: WyBlog

Scandal Central

Why Is Holder Briefing Black Pastors on Campaign 2012?: Nice Deb
Another failed DOE backed company: Abound Solar: Watchdog
The White House Defends Public Equity: Foundry

Climate & Energy

New Report Hammers Obama Administration For Regulatory Mess On Gulf Drilling: HayRide
As Promised, Electricity Rates Skyrocket Under the Obama Plan: GWP
Armed EPA Agents, Police Officer Interrogate Asheville Emailer: Carolina


Yes, Michelle Obama is fair game: Malkin
Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume weighs in on arrest of Brett Kimberlin target Aaron Walker: Twitchy
Statisticians Investigate Political Bias On Wikipedia: Slashdot

Kimberlin v Walker: 74 Year-Old Judge C.J. Vaughey Commits Injustice: Riehl
Name that Party, Episode #8,451: The Case Of The Site-Hacking Mayor: Ace
Megyn Kelly exposes ‘swatting’ against conservative bloggers and commentators: Scoop

Michelle Obama totally did not read her husband’s book: NakedDC
USA Today: Astrologers Predict Obama Victory; Unable to Choose Super Bowl Winner, However: Glob
Will Ozzie deFaria’s Past Arrest and Domestic Violence Issue Hamper His Campaign?: Shark Tank

They Came to Destroy Civilization: Elephant
Fox News Covers Erickson and Patterico SWATting Incidents: Patterico
Ace of Spades goes bizarro: Twitchy


With Friends like Obama: President Undercuts U.S. Allies to Media Silence: MRC
Caliphate conference coming to Chicago area: JihadWatch
Proof That Military Chips From China Are Infected?: DefTech

Picture Bolsters Fear of Concealment at Iranian Base: NTI
Obama’s Absurd Claim About Judaism: Commentary
The Glories of Socialized Medicine: Doctors Defend Strike in the U.K.: BBC


Facebook, LinkedIn Used by Employers for Monitoring: Gartner: eWeek
The numbers behind RIM's impending collapse: CNet
Tiny chip inserted in the sole of a shoe can charge the wearer’s cell phone: Springwise


Hope For the Future: Ace
Alternative Newsweek Cover: Cube
Sharpton And Alleged Trafficker Peddled TV Show: TSG

Image: Lars Larson
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "Perhaps support for BHO among veterans can be attributed to head injuries." --Smitty

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