Thursday, May 24, 2012

I swear these are real testimonials...

...all extolling the virtues of the news service.

• "G***amn American -- and BadBlue!" --The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

• "I saw BadBlue and, seriously, a thrill went down my leg, instead of up it." --Chris Matthews

• "No site is more relevant, more timely and more annoying." --Rachel Maddow

• "I hate BadBlue more than I hate my daughter." --Alec Baldwin

• "If BadBlue weren't virtual, I would sit on it." --Michael Moore

• "If you don't visit BadBlue every day, the terrorists win." --Me

Don't let the terrorists win. Bookmark BadBlue and tell your friends.

It's the real-time news site that old media doesn't want you to see. Like me, you probably want to tell old media to shove it. That's what BadBlue is all about.

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The_Bad said...

BadBlue: it's a big f*&%ing deal. - Joe Biden