Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, my: someone at the Washington Post just received a very special call on the Red Phone

I'm guessing that the Red Phone was first installed by FDR to ensure that Democrat talking points were effectively echoed by the hacks at 1150 15th St. NW. Which makes this particular report all the more anomalous and disturbing.

Someone at the Washington Post will surely have received a phone call from the White House today to have a conversation with Josh Hicks, who compares and contrasts the economic records of George Bush and Barack H. Obama (I added the H because it’s raaaaacist): Obama’s remarks on worst job growth: Did he end it or should he own it?. Josh spends quite a bit of time going through numbers and such, and finally concludes:

There’s no doubt that Bush owns an unimpressive record on job creation. But Obama comes in either last, second-to-last or in the bottom half among presidents since the Great Depression, depending on which way you look at the numbers.

The president said that policies from 2000 through 2008 produced the “most sluggish job growth we’ve ever seen.” Perhaps so, but the worst numbers on record occurred under his watch.

Obama chose a poor metric for measuring past administrations. To make his point with jobs data, he has to point to his own numbers and completely disavow much of them, or else ignore public-sector losses. We came close to thinking this was worth Three Pinocchios, but ultimately decided he was not necessarily including his record in the statement. Still, it’s a very fine line. The president should be much more careful about making such a sweeping claim.

According to the president's own Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of eligible Americans engaged in the labor force has dropped continuously since he took office.

As I've said time and time again, there is no recovery. There is only an ongoing malaise, courtesy of record deficit spending, currency devaluation, public sector union payoffs, crony capitalism, rampant fraud, and out-of-control bureaucracies like the EPA, NLRB, HHS, and Interior Department.

But November is coming.

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shitkickerheaven said...

"The president should be much more careful"

this sentence alone demonstrates that this author no more understands or comprehends Baracka Hussein Obama than he understands quantum physics.

Baracka is not "careful" about anything, Mr Author.

Baracka does not "care" about us, only himself.

Baracka is the exact opposite of "careful" in his total assault on our beloved America and his total hatred of American citizens.



go suggest to Hitler or Stalin to be "careful" - has about the same stunning level of naivete.