Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chart: Major Leaguer vs. Rookie Leaguer

I wasn't blessed to know Ronald Reagan, but Mr. Obama -- you are definitely no Ronald Reagan. In fact, you're not even in the same league.

Forget the Reagan recovery. What if the Obama recovery was just, you know, average? Maybe in some alternate reality Obama’s stimulus plan involved cutting taxes for investors and entrepreneurs. And maybe Earth-Two Obama took a pass on government-centered healthcare reform.

Here is what the economy might look like today:

...Investors Business Daily has the rest of the chart.

As I've mentioned before, Mr. Obama is historic, but not in any way that can be construed as good for America.

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Anonymous said...

"We all know he Ain't"
YES! HE! IS! you pathetic racist!
that's what you and these scumbags are. Borderline racists. I've already seen through your pathetic campaign straegety! While Romney plays the Smart, Respectful man, you a-holes play the fear-mongering, lying, smearing racists that will do Anything to get the black man out of the white House!

Nothing but Fear, smear and disinformation.

When you call Obama un-American, a Communist" a Marxist, a Muslim, we all know you mean "ni&&er
Dude, if you seriously think Obama is a Marxist then perhaps it's time you stopped being pretending to be any kind of serious political observer and found yourself a hobby that is more your speed and which fits your skill set better.

The CAI has wrongly blamed Obama for Bush's 2008-2009 budget disaster!

Here's the reality about the national debt:
Bush took the debt from $5.8 to $11.9 trillion (a 105% increase).
Obama has taken it from $11.9 to $15.8 trillion (a 33% increase).

Here's the four biggest deficit increases in US history:
1. Bush 2009 = $954 billion
2. Bush 2008 = $298 billion
3. Bush 2002 = $286 billion
4. Bush 2003 = $223 billion

If President Obama is trying to be a communist, he's failing miserably. The Communist Party USA would give him the boot immediately if he tried to join them. Communism is defined as a theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the COMMON GOOD of all members. I don't get how people on the right can accuse him of being a communist and a socialist when income inequality still persists, and we're the only industrialized country without single-payer health care.

P.S. The job numbers are weaker this month because more people have decided to enter the work force as unemployment steadily lowers. They were stronger as the work force shrunk.

Before even addressing the subtle racism within birtherism, we should all be clear that even if President Obama, who has produced a birth certificate from Hawaii, was born in Kenya, he still qualifies to be president due to having birthright citizenship through his American mother. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who ran for president in 2008, actually was not born within the 50 states, but in the Panama Canal Zone, though no politicians questioned him being a “natural-born citizen.”
Birtherism is nothing but a racist ploy to paint President Obama as the other, not truly American enough, as well as the continued Islamophobic suggestions that he is a secret Muslim. Given that one out of six Americans still believe that our president is a secret Muslim, there are cheap political points to be scored by questioning the president’s citizenship and even his religion.

But I’m getting beyond presidential politics and racism and the reelection run of Barack Obama, the only President in recent history to be so hated by the Republican right as to prompt them to admit that their goal for the entire four year term following the election of 08, had nothing to do with the good of the nation. No, their stated goal, as repeatedly pontificated by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, was to do whatever they must to see to it that Mr. Obama was not reelected. And so, with the backing of John Boehner in the House, they became the “party of no,” refusing to move forward on anything, even if that meant bankrupting the country, which obviously goes beyond normal political partisanship. It goes to doing serious harm to the nation for personal gain and scratches the surface of being treason. And nobody wants to discuss it.

Is Obama hated by the left? YES! Because He is doing the exact same things Bush did, but why is HE called a communist, marxist, socialist, etc. Because they can't call him the N-Word!