Saturday, May 02, 2015

Clinton Foundation Tried to Pass Off Islamic Payments to Bill as “Donations”

By Daniel Greenfield

Corporations and non-profits have been torn apart for a lot less than this. If we’re to believe the Clintons and their defenders, they were completely incapable of doing basic accounting for a major foundation.

Let’s say that’s true. Then just maybe they’re unqualified to run a country. It’s either that or they’re liars and thieves.

It acknowledged in response to POLITICO’s questions that it mischaracterized as foundation donations money from the China Overseas Real Estate Development and the U.S.-Islamic World Conference. That money was actually honoraria paid for Bill Clinton speeches by those entities, said foundation officials, who added this week those were the only mistakes “we are aware of.”

A small mistake. Confusing a sizable payment from enemies of the United States with a donation.

A POLITICO review discovered that at least two entities listed as large foundation donors in past years disappeared from the foundation’s donor website sometime prior to last week. China Overseas Real Estate Development and the U.S.-Islamic World Conference were both on the donor list posted at the library in 2004 and were recorded as having given between $250,000 and $500,000 by 2008.

Very small mistake. I would ask why the Clintons are taking money from enemies of this country, but if Hitler rose from the dead, he would be hit up for a Clinton fundraiser before you can say Achtung.

So which is it… are the Clintons corrupt or incompetent? They need to pick one and stick with it.



Proof said...

The Foundation is a slush fund for the Clintons, that's why Bill's "income" can be deposited there for later use, only he avoids that pesky "income tax" on it.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt or incompetent? I pick corrupt and so monumentally arrogant that they think they can ignore the laws of this country. I can't think of a more corrupt, dishonest and unethical pair of treasonous pigs. Well, maybe just one - the Liar Muslim in Chief and his America-hating spouse. They all make my skin crawl. Bubba Clinton still lies through his teeth. It's what democrats do. We The People should take the four of them, line them up against a wall and let them have it with both barrels. And, even THAT's too good for them.