Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Media -- Use This One Weird Trick To Make Hillary Answer Questions!

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Media -- Use This One Weird Trick To Make Hillary Answer Questions!: Sean Davis
Did Hillary Clinton know of Benghazi attack in advance?: RS
Barack Obama's 'Lottery Winners': Ben Shapiro

Hillary, "Sid Vicious", and Libya: Paul Mirengoff
Pay-to-play at Hillary’s State Department: RS
I Don't Believe Hillary Clinton: Ron Fournier

Don't Shoot Coalition in Ferguson: a facade for progressive social activists: Lee Cary
Top Democrat sounds ‘alarm bells’ over Obama rhetoric on Islamic State: Olivier Knox
Lindsey Graham an unhinged kook who shouldn’t be taken seriously: Ben Domenech

Federal Judge Says DC Gun Carry Law is Unconstitutional: Stephen Gutowski
Anger and Fighting the Result of Lost Constitutionalism: Jen Kuznicki
Matt Bevin Wins in Kentucky: Erick Erickson


Obama's Secret Trade Deal Insider: It "Will Damage This Nation": ZH
The True Black Tragedy: Walter Williams
Maglite’s Tony Maglica: Torchbearer of the American Dream: Michelle Malkin

Scandal Central

Federal Judge Rejects State Department’s Plan To Release Hillary’s Emails In 2016: Chuck Ross
Bill doubled speaking fees from foreign groups while Hillary was secretary of state: Exam
NYT: Gowdy to subpoena Sid Blumenthal for Benghazi committee: Hot Air

52 House Republicans to IRS: Investigate Hillary Clinton Foundation Tax Status: Breitbart
Hillary’s ‘Old Friends’: Jonah Goldberg
Hillary Continues Answering Questions, Returns to Talking Only to Her Cats: IJR

Climate & Energy

More Countries Caught Manipulating Their Climate Data: Michael Bastasch
Critics Hear E.P.A.’s Voice in ‘Public Comments’: Eric Lipton and Coral Davenport
Blacks, Hispanics Unethusiastic About Obama’s Climate Change Schtick: William Teach


Top Staffers Quit Clinton Foundation Over Obnoxious, Hateful Chelsea Clinton: WFB
Slate’s William Saletan: the dumbest man on the internet: RS
The protected, connected liberal media elite: Katie Pavlich

#CutTheCheck: Ferguson Protestors Promised Payment, Stiffed by Activist Group: Kim Quade
Here Are The Girls Who Helped #EmmaSulkowicz Torture Her Victim: GotNews
Hillary Clinton Endorsed by Noted Feminist Snoop Dogg: Glob

Buy George, He's Got It!: Mark Steyn
Spanish-Language News Net Failed to Disclose Clinton Donation, Lobbying Spends: WFB
If Disney Can Afford to Shell Out $105 Million For This...: Obiter Dictum


ANBAR IS LOST: Shiite Militias Move to Protect Shia Holy SItes: GWP
Washington Post Editorial Board Blames Fall Of Ramadi On Obama’s Weak Policy: William Teach
Obama's (Pathetic) Black Knight Strategy: Breath of the Beast

Al Nusrah Front and allies claim victory at Al Mastoumah, Idlib: Caleb Weiss
In Iraq, ISIS Is Winning And The United States Is Losing: Michael Snyder
Two Argentine judges have lost their minds: Joe Cunningham

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Two Weeks With the Apple Watch: Erick Erickson
Tech companies ask Senate to pass NSA reform bill: John Ribeiro
Google Tone broadcasts URLs to any device within earshot: Tim Hornyak


Obama’s Betrayal of America: Stating, and now Proving, the Obvious: The American Report
Fury Road: Steve Sailer
The Banning Nation: Democrats Target Online Ammunition Sales: Ace

Image: I Don't Believe Hillary Clinton
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QOTD: "...the entire Schweizer/Stephanopoulos interview was a fraud perpetrated on ABC's audience. Picture it the other way around:

Karl Rove is hired as an anchorman by ABC News. Whoa, you can stop right there. We're already in the realm of the fantastical, even though it is, objectively, exactly the same as hiring Stephanopoulos.

But Rove says not to worry, my partisan days are behind me. I'm strictly Mister Even-Handed Newsman now.

And then he spends ten years as a high-profile pitchman for the George W and Jeb Bush Foundation.

And, when he interviews some guy who's written a book on all the dodgy donations to the Jeb Bush Foundation, he doesn't mention that he's a member of it.

The only interesting question is whether ABC knew about all this, and colluded with Stephanopoulos in perpetrating a fraud on their audience." --Mark Steyn


Anonymous said...

Links to the whole series:

Barry Popik said...

For yet another program, Rush Limbaugh has not said one word about the secretive trade deal (Trans-Pacific Partnership) that Obama supports, with the help of his corrupt RINO friends who control Congress. Fortunately for Rush, almost no one else is calling him out.

Richard Morckel ‏@USovereignty 12h12 hours ago
RUSH Limbaugh lets it slide
refusing TO DEFEND THIS republic.

What is extra surprising is that today, Rush Limbaugh apologized for a pointless third hour of yesterday's program! It didn't meet his standards of excellence! It is to laugh (as they used to say).
I Apologize for Yesterday's 3rd Hour
May 20, 2015
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, before we get going here today, I really, really need to offer you a sincere apology for the last hour of the program yesterday. I mean, it was an absolute bomb, and it was because for the first time in I don't know how many years, I abandoned totally my professionalism, and I allowed myself to be totally distracted by a bunch of stuff that was happening that had nothing to do with the program, off the air stuff.