Saturday, May 23, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Scenes From the Decadent Period of the Dying American Republic

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Scenes From the Decadent Period of the Dying American Republic: Ace
White House: Go Ask The FBI About Hillary’s Classified Emails: Chuck Ross
Baltimore Policing Now Resembles Counter-Insurgency: James Kirkpatrick

State Dept. Makes Curious Redaction in Hillary Email: Stephen F. Hayes
At DC Synagogue President Obama Delivered Nothing But Empty Words: Lid
Post Riot Baltimore Shootings Skyrocket 70%; Murder Rate Up 42%: Treehouse

Drudge Unleashes on Secret Trade Bill Giving Obama More Power: Sara Noble
Obama & McConnell work together to pass Fast Track TPA bill: Jenny North
Senate adjourns with no clear path forward on Patriot Act: Julian Hattem, The Hill


Democrats Seek Pell Grants for Inmates at Expense of Law Abiding: Steven Ahle
U.S. Gives $7 Billion in Food Benefits to “Ineligible Recipients”: Judicial Watch
Illinois University Presidents Live in Fantasy World of Lavish Perks: David Ticzon

Scandal Central

New Hillary Emails Confirm She Received Classified Info on Private Email : Blaze
Hillary Was Pushing For Tax Breaks To Benefit Clinton Library Donors: Lid
Clinton Foundation Had $26M In Contributions It ‘Forgot’ To Disclose: Doug Mataconis

New Emails Show Hillary Was Warned About Benghazi Attack Year Before 9/11/12: Lid
Video: Obama and the Child Molester: Declan Finn
In Secret Email Account Hillary Didn't Even Get Chris Stevens’ Name Right: RWN


A Memorial Weekend Review for Election 2016: Roger L. Simon
Louie Gohmert and other Texas congressmen to endorse Ted Cruz’s 2016 bid: RawStory
Ted Cruz Obliterates Pro-Gay Questioner: Cheryl Chumley


The Migratory Invasion of Europe: David Solway
Iranian negotiations become liberals’ nightmare: Jennifer Rubin
Jihadi bride: “I rejoiced when we had our first sex slave”: Robert Spencer

Obama’s Policies to Empower ISIS Exposed by Raymond Ibrahim: Robert Spencer
Islamic State asserts responsibility for Shiite mosque blast in Saudi Arabia: WaPo
UN envoy ‘sickened’ by rampant IS sexual violence: Times of Israel

Hotovely Tells Foreign Ministry to Quote Torah to the World: Arutz Sheva
Masked Mexican Explains Why All Latinos Should Be Conservative in Just 2 Minutes: Scoop
42 cartel members dead in THREE HOUR bloody siege against federal troops : Daliy Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Anonabox Review: A Beginners’ Insight: Christopher Seward
Bizarre Nasty Star is Being Devoured by its Companion: Maddie Stone
Nasdaq Signals Confidence in Bitcoin, Not Just the Blockchain: Sarah Todd


How Hillary’s book is displayed at this D.C. bookstore is the funniest thing you’ll see tonight: Twitchy
Turkey's Erdogan Confirmed To Be A Part Of A Strange Homosexual Cult?: Walid Shoebat
Cancer claims life of teen 19 days after Sen'Derrick Marks escorts her to prom: Mark Inabinett

Image: Obama has a strategy for fighting ISIS -- one that isn't working
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QOTD: "During a press briefing on Friday, White House press secretary Joshua Earnest said that reporters should ask the FBI about what led the agency to retroactively classify some of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The State Department released 296 pages of Clinton’s emails related to Libya and Benghazi on Friday. The Associated Press reported shortly after the release that some of the emails had been classified only recently. Clinton and the State Department have maintained that she did not send or receive classified documents on her private email account.

Asked about the classified documents, Earnest twice referred reporters to the FBI, which made the determination to classify some of Clinton’s records." --Chuck Ross

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