Sunday, May 31, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Cities On Fire: Phoenix

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Cities On Fire: Phoenix: Noisy Room
Greenspan: U.S. ‘Way Underestimating’ the National Debt: Nicholas Ballasy
Team Obama Readies More Gun Control Regulations: William Teach

#PHXmosque protests get loud, not violent: Amy Miller
Backup Plan: Martin O’Malley Enters Race for Democrat Nomination: Deanna Fisher
Stop Complaining. The GOP Primary Is Going To Be Awesome: David Harsanyi

Ted Cruz takes high road in laying out policies: Chris Cassidy
The comedy economics of U.S. senator Bernie Sanders: David Thompson
Open Carry Bill Approved in Texas – Gov Vows to Sign into Law: Michael Schaus

Rand Paul PAC runs birther ad attacking Ted Cruz: RS
Ron Paul Making Certain his Son Won’t Ever Become President: Andrew Benjamin
Matt Bevin officially declared winner of Kentucky GOP primary: FAM


The Economy Has No Clothes: Tom Blumer
Minorities Following Opportunities, Fleeing Blue Cities: AmInt
McDonald’s & The Minimum Wage: ACC

Scandal Central

The Epidemic of Regulatory Insanity: Leslie Eastman
Journalism’s Sorry State: Thomas Purcell
NYC set to hand over $1B in lawsuit payouts: Post

Who is the Islamophobe?: iOTWreport
Muslim Serial Sex Offender Arrested For 29th Time – Mother Claims He’s Just Wife Hunting: GWP
Welfare Jihad in Europe: Soeren Kern

Climate & Energy

Why is Obama blocking infrastructure projects?: Merrill Matthews
Common Core nightmare in science: Climate change indoctrination hits 13 states: BPR
The Age Of Disinformation: James Spann


NY Times- Liars and Cowards: iOTWreport
Inevitable: Rand Paul group labels Ted Cruz “the capitulating Canadian”: Jazz Shaw
Christian Rap Group Endorses GOP Presidential Candidate Sen. Ted Cruz in New Song 'Set It on Fire': CP

The Dictatorship of Godless Perverts: R.S. McCain
Boy Meets Girl: Mark Steyn
Texas Passes Open Carry Law, Anti-Gun Zealots Hilariously Lose Their Minds: Shae Weatherall

Pat Dollard Gets Statement From Mosque Rally Organizer Ritzheimer Before He Goes into Hiding: Pat Dollard
Chicago Rapper Killed By Rival Gang After Posting Video Disrespecting Them: WZ
Guardian descends into bizarre anti-Israeli dreamland...literally: Commentator


Islam Driving the Social and Legal Agenda in the West: Daniel Pipes
US-Trained Special Forces Chief Joins ISIS, Vows To Bring Jihad To Russia and America: ZH
ISIS Puts Captured Roman Amphitheatre Back Into Use as Venue for Execution as Entertainment: Breitbart

Iranian military commander killed fighting in Ramadi: LWJ
White House: United States Not ‘Responsible’ for Defending Iraq: Breitbart
Ted Cruz Calls for Financial Boycott of Universities Backing BDS Israel: Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

‘JV team is on a roll’: ISIS ‘rapidly expanding’ as Obama ramps up fight against climate change: Twitchy
Nothing To Do: Obama Plays 18 Holes, Then Decides To Play Another 9: WZ
Communist China is still Communist: RS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

E-Cigarettes Can Save Lives, Taxpayer Dollars: Matthew Gians
Woman tosses Apple computer that turns out to be worth $200K: AP
How Elon Musk's Growing Empire is Fueled By Government Subsidies: Slashdot


OSS: The Myth That Never Dies: XX Committee
John Kerry breaks his leg in bike crash: Post
Brutal Civil War Rages on Island of Misfit Toys: Hideout

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QOTD: "Having done an impressive job of demolishing the basic societal building block of the family, the left has now advanced to demolishing the basic biological building block of the sexes. Taken in tandem with the ever greater dominance of women at America's least worst colleges and the dispiriting permanence of the "he-cession" down the other end in the dismal, pitiful redoubt of the "man cave", we're well on the path toward the de facto abolition of man, at least in the manly sense." --Mark Steyn

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