Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Why I Love Being a Conservative"

Relayed by the invaluable Adam Baldwin:


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Anonymous said...

As much as I identify with conservatives, I would ask them to really pause and consider what exactly they are attempting to conserve. Are they seeking to conserve the core values of liberty or the core values of government? It seems that too many conservatives love government when it has enough power to do something they want, like going to war.

The sad truth is that our present federal government has to create money out of thin air to pay for more than 40% of what it spends. If people were true conservatives, they would work very hard to limit government spending to only that which taxpayers want to pay in the form of legal, honest taxes.

Should that day ever come, the US government will have to shrink every function down to fit within budgetary reality. That must mean that we finally are honest about the cost of our military and the fact that we cannot afford the military we presently have.

Government is creating near-infinite money out of thin air. This buys near-infinite government mainly in the form of near-infinite entitlements and "benefits". It also funds a near-infinite bureaucracy with a near-infinite grasp of power over us.

The fastest past to restoring government to its Constitutional size, to cut dependency and to restrain the ever-expanding bureaucracy is to revoke government's power to create money out of thin air and force it to live on tax revenue alone. Then we will only get the government that we want to pay for, which isn't nearly as much as the government we presently have.

-- theBuckWheat is anonymous.