Friday, May 22, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Why Hillary Clinton Should Advertise on Snapchat

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Why Hillary Clinton Should Advertise on Snapchat: Spencer Klavan
The Emma Sulkowicz Generation: Leon H. Wolf
Hillary emails contradicted early talking points on Benghazi: Ed Morrissey

Will accomplishment deficit be Hillary’s undoing?: Jonah Goldberg
Hillary Clinton names ILLEGAL for LATINO outreach director!: Scoop
Univision host: Hispanic vote to jump from 12 to 16 million, decide presidency: Exam

How Obama Radically Transformed America’s Patent System: Michelle Malkin
Dumbfounded Americans UNLOAD on Marie Harf’s unbelievable statement: BPR
Obama: Climate Change Fueled Rise Of Boko Haram, War In Syria: Breitbart

Charlie Rangel is retiring. So why is he raising campaign cash?: Dave Levinthal
FBI Going Door-To-Door Interrogating Americans About Jade Helm?: Mac Slavo
Six Baltimore Police officers indicted in death of Freddie Gray: Baltimore Sun


Repeal Obamacare Through Reconciliation: Leon H. Wolf
Cuomo’s Revenge?: Ben Howe
Trade bill clears Senate hurdle: CNN

Scandal Central

Another reason why Hillary Clinton does not deserve to be president: Paul Mirengoff
Clinton Aides at State Handled FOIA Requests, Not Experts: WSJ: NewsMax
Hillary can’t shake email controversy: Ben Kamisar, The Hill

Clinton Foundation neglected to report $26 million from banks, foreign governments, schools: Twitchy
Scientific fraud revealed. Progressives hardest hit.: RS
WH: Report of Israel’s ‘Concern’ About Nuclear Conference Are ‘Offensive’: Sol Rieger


Anti-Stephanopoulos Artwork Posted Near ABC News Headquarters in Manhattan: WFB
First They Came for the Bakers: Paul Wood
Cruz Missile: Ted Cruz Asks Reporter Why the Left and Media are Obsessed with Sex: Victory Girls

Before ‘The Great Relearning,’ First We Need ‘The Great Unswaddling’: Ed Driscoll
The Houston Chronicle’s Dylan Baddour (@DylanBaddour) Lied About Ted Cruz: Erick Erickson
Like a Leftwing Blogger With Actual Courage in His Convictions: Erick Erickson


Islamic State breaks Iraqi defensive line outside of Habbaniyah: Bill Roggio
Obama: Supreme leader is anti-Semitic: ynet
Despotic Saudi Regime Lobbies to Chair UN Human Rights Council: Stephen Lendman

Pentagon approves massive sale of bunker-buster bombs to Israel: Hayom
Putin’s Macedonian Gambit: XX Committee
Just Like GOP Presidential Candidates! ISIS Executes Man With a Bazooka: JWF

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

GM says you don't own your car, you just license it: Cory Doctorow
US Special Operations Tests DNA Scanners: DefenseNews
We Can't Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership: Wired


American Capitalism: Chopped, Rolled and Smoked: MOTUS
Here We Stand, One Step Away from a Dictatorship: Jeremiah Johnson
First They Came For The Bikers…: WRSA

Image: Anti-Stephanopoulos Artwork Posted Near ABC News Headquarters in Manhattan
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QOTD: "The Islamic State continued its eastward push from Ramadi in an effort to break Iraqi military forces and Iranian-backed Shiite militias who are gathering at Habbaniyah for a counteroffensive. Iraqi forces established a defensive line outside of Habbaniyah after they were routed in Ramadi. And today, according to Iraqi police and tribal officials, that defensive line has been breached...

...[Allied] airstrikes in Anbar appear to be ineffective and sparse. According to US Central Command, the coalition launched zero airstrikes near Ramadi or Habbaniyah between 8 a.m. yesterday and 8 a.m. today, and only one strike in Anbar, near Fallujah, during that time period. US air power was unable to stop the Islamic State from taking Ramadi." --Bill Roggio


epic research said...

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Anonymous said...

This is important!! I changed my independent status to Republican just so I could participate in the primary and vote for Cruz. Once the primary is over, I'll change back to Independent. I think it's important to tell everyone that if they are currently registered as "Independent" - if they want to vote for Cruz, they must change their voter status to Republican, or they won't get to vote for him in the primary. This is very important. You can always change back, but Cruz will not get as many votes as he should if you don't change your voter affiliation to republican. This very, very important - if you are registered as an Independent, you won't get to vote for him in the primary. I know I've repeated myself, but it's so important to get Cruz nominated - if that's who you want.

Barry Popik said...


Today, on open line Friday, Rush Limbaugh actually said something about the Trans-Pacific Partnership! Because someone asked him about it! No football talk today at all!

Odds are Obamatrade screws America? What is this, a casino? We're playing ODDS? If you can't read the secretive bill, YOU DON'T VOTE FOR IT.

Limbaugh proceeded to attack Elizabeth Warren for being a hypocrite. I'm no Warren fan, but she's right here--if the American people can't read the bill, and are prevented from reading it because they'd be against it, it probably stinks to high heaven.

Limbaugh didn't say a word about Orin Hatch, who admitted that he didn't now what he was voting for:

Limbaugh said it was a mystery why McConnell would agree to Obama's secretive trade agreement, but that the reason was to show "bipartisanship."

What an idiot! Mitch McConnell is supporting a secretive trade agreement written by multinational corporations because he's corrupt! Because those corporations are going to hire all these Republicans when they leave! Because they're all looking out for themselves! Duh!

We were told that Republicans would save us from Obama. Now McConnell and Boehner are betraying us and working with Obama at every turn. Rush Limbaugh will never say a word against corrupt Republicans. He should retire very immediately. The country needs brave voices, and that is certainly not Rush Limbaugh in 2015.