Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CRONY MEDIA: The protected, connected liberal media elite

By Against Crony Capitalism

I hate the term “elite.” This implies some sort of extraordinary skill, which in my experience in Washington, at least with the media and definitely in politics is not apt. But you get the point. Statist, entitled, usually wealthy (though typically not rich) folks who like to frequent the Georgetown cocktail circuit and get a thrill when Politico comes calling. The folks who actually care about Washingtonian Magazine.

They aren’t elite, but they are the political class. And they are protected. The Stephanopoulos kerfuffle is a great example. Why does this guy still have a job?

This problem isn’t about the donations being made in the first place, it’s the fact that he hid them from viewers while covering, and defending, the Clinton Foundation.

Last week Stephanopoulos announced as somewhat of a self-imposed punishment that he will not moderate a GOP primary debate scheduled for Feb. 6 with the Republican National Committee, but he was never confirmed to moderate the debate by the RNC in the first place.

Special treatment isn’t just reserved for Washington’s politicians, it’s for the most liberal, elite anchors as well. As for the rest of us, there are consequences for breaking the law and for conflict of interest nondisclosure.

Read Katie Pavlich's entire article on crony media here.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Anonymous said...

In addition, notice how liberals (er, now "progressives") issue self-bolstering circular credentials. That is seen when liberal organization A gives a big award to liberal organization B, where they are of course described in glowing terms. About six months later, liberal organization B gives a similarly glowing award to liberal organization C, who in tern after a suitable delay gives a wonderfully publicized award to liberal organization A.

Now you should pay attention to what all these liberal organizations stand for and what they tell the public and how they cover the events of the day because they all have "award-winning" coverage. That means they really are smart, competent and above all even-handed.

So when they all tell you that someone who objects to the agenda of the Pink Swastika crowd is just a bigoted hater, you should check your common sense and old-fashioned values and accept what they are telling you.

-- theBuckWheat is Anonymous