Sunday, May 24, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary's Real Benghazi Problem

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Hillary's Real Benghazi Problem: John Hinderaker
Hillary claim she used only one email address while at State? Another lie: GWP
The Democrats heat up some leftovers for the 2016 Senate races: Moe Lane

Senate Decepticons Advance Trade Deal Giving Obama New Powers: Treehouse
Night of the Republican Suicide: BPR
Democrats Sent Out This Tweet for Memorial Day Weekend: Michael Hausam

Cheryl Mills Had a "Come to" Jesus Meeting on Benghazi: Ace
Christie Dead Wrong About Spying: Rick Jensen
Minnesota Somali Muslim Joined ISIS, Vowed to 'Spit on America' at Border: Geller

IS claims it is ‘infinitely’ closer to nuking US: Times of Israel
Goldberg Absolutely Nails it on Hillary: DTG
Can Hillary Reverse the Six-Year Decline in Democrat Turnout?: Michael Barone


No biggie: Your Obamacare premiums are going up. Way up in some cases.: Jazz Shaw
Immigration: Is This The Breaking Point?: Peter Brimelow
ACLU Wages Total Lawfare on Poor PA Town Trying to Stem Illegal Wave: Margaret H. Roberts

Scandal Central

Hillary Deliberately Caused Delay Of Email Release By Submitting Only Paper Copies: Eileen McGann
NYC Demands Sharpton’s Daughter Preserve Incriminating Hiking Pictures: WZ
Senate blocks USA PATRIOT Act reauthorization: Teri Robinson

Climate & Energy

EPA Plan to Ban Coal Hits Major Roadblock: Phil Kerpen
It’s The Summer Of Cli-Fi: Cove
Why It’s So Hard to Convince Warmists: WUWT


Credit Where Credit Is Due: R.S. McCain
We Need to Become America Again: John Velisek
New SooperVideo! Why All Latinos Should Be Conservatives Explained in Just 2 Minutes: Sooper

Hey media: A very bad week for black lives in Baltimore (and gay rights in the Middle East): Silvio Canto, Jr.
‘Pathetic’: AP runs cover for Dems scrambling to repair ‘deceptive’ Obamacare: Twitchy
Actor Chris Pratt’s Take on Any Grievances he may cause Liberals in the Future: John S. Roberts

Hollywood's Hillaryphobia: Mark Steyn
PBS Buries Stephanopoulos Scandal; Anchor Woodruff Exposed as Clinton Donor: Breitbart
Reporter to Harf: Do You All Feel Like Clinton Campaign Surrogates When Defending Her Private Emails?: WFB


Attention Feminists, Leftists, and anti-Zionists – You’re On the Wrong Side: iOTWreport
ISIS Prices Michelle Obama’s Worth In “Slave Market” They Promise To Bring To West: $40: WZ
Three ways China and the U.S. could go to war: Michael Auslin

Poll: 80% of Muslims Support ISIS Conquests in Syria & Iraq: GWP
Leaked Jihadist Text Book Teaches ISIS Terrorists How To Infiltrate America: Shoebat
Obama: No, Iran Won’t Be More Dangerous with $150 Billion Dollars: Daniel Greenfield

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled BlackBerry: WSJ
New Evidence May Solve Mystery of America's Huge Ancient City: Kristin Romey, National Geographic
The Establishment Has Already Acknowledged A Lost Race of Giants - Part 1: Ancient Origins


20 First Photos from the History of Photography: Michael Archambault
Hold the Popcorn: Hillary’s Best Emails Are Still In The Can: MOTUS
Elderly Politician Forgets Where She Is: Glob

Image: ISIS Prices Michelle Obama’s Worth In “Slave Market” They Promise To Bring To West: $40
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QOTD: "Senators are forced to go into a classified viewing room in order to read the full text of the [TPP Trade Agreement] document, but are not allowed to bring in key staff or take notes on what is included in the bill text. Not only this, but as you would assume for classified documents, elected officials are unable to speak to anyone without proper security clearance about the specific details of the trade negotiations without suffering potential criminal legal ramifications.

This becomes a serious issue when dealing with complicated and technical negotiations regarding the largest trade deal in American history. It also raises serious questions about the legislative process and democracy generally when the public is unable to view the content of a bill introduced in Congress, but foreign government officials and private corporations are." --Stephen Benavides

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