Sunday, May 17, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: ABC and George Stephanopoulos Clinton Foundation Hypocrisy Is Staggering

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ABC, Stephanopoulos Clinton Foundation Hypocrisy Staggering: Victor Davis Hanson
Rock City, The Casbah: Mark Steyn
When Times Get Hard: Christian Mercenary

Democrats Have a Socialist Problem in 2016: Glob
Waterboarding Worked: Debra Saunders
Smartest Guy Ever to Become President Blows It Again: Michael Walsh

Obama Should Release Trade Agreement Details: Rick Jensen
Ted Cruz Was Fearless Yesterday: Erick Erickson
Texas House Calls for Article 5 Convention to Restrain Federal Government: Breitbart

Obama Failed to Appoint Railroad Chief: Dossier
In Chicago, As Concealed Carry Goes Up, Crime Is Plummeting: DownTrend
Report finds majority of cop killers had guns illegally: Jennifer Cruz


How to Get Rich: Ace
The new curriculum…: The Real Revo
H-1B visa employees are crowding out other workers says new study: WorkPermit

Scandal Central

Hillary Clinton personally took money from companies that sought to influence her: Jonathan Allen
Clintons Earned $30 Million in 16 Months, Report Shows: Times
Ferguson Protest Leaders Paid $5,000 a Month to Disrupt & Instigate Violence: GWP

You Should Be Angry About Jade Helm Even If You're Not Crazy: William M. Arkin, Gawker
DHS IG Report Undercuts Obama's Dishonest Argument for Executive Amnesty: Paul Mirengoff
State Dept. must produce emails between Clintons and agency officials by... September: Sarah Westwood

Climate & Energy

The New Bee Crisis Is Just Like The Old One: Phony: Henry I. Miller


MSNBC Posts Vicious Anti-Cop Video: Scoop
PBS Anchor Judy Woodruff Also Admits Donating to Clinton Foundation: Tim Graham
Obama's People: GayPatriot

SHOCK CLAIM: Hillary Clinton Forces Campaign Parody Taken Down: GWP
Barack Obama Marks Death Of B.B. King With Picture Of . . . Barack Obama: WZ
‘The Little Slush Fund That Could’: #HillaryChildrensBooks is the order of the day: Twitchy

Why I Choose to Purse Carry: Kippi Leatham
Every Now And Then A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut: Ace
Hello Young People, I'm Hillary Clinton!: AmDigest


Islamic State Raises Their Black Flag Over Ramadi: WZ
Top Iranian General: "We Welcome War with the Americans": Clarion
ISIS Supporters Shaken By U.S. Killing Of Abu Sayyaf, Vow Revenge: Vocativ

An open letter to the Pope: Dror Eydar
Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Puppet Sentenced to Death: NCRenegade
Erdogan Of Turkey: Elect Me Because I Promise to "Invade Jerusalem”: Shoebat

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Navy’s New Binoculars Can Identify You From 700 Feet Away: Patrick Tucker, DefenseOne
Ciudad Perdida: Lost City in Colombian Highlands holds Mysteries of Ancient Civilization: Ancient Origins
Terrorists could bring down U.S. grid with radio waves: F. Michael Maloof


Michael Jordan's Highland Park Mansion Now Half of Original Asking Price: AJ LaTrace
Stop What You’re Doing Right Now And Look At What Ann Romney Wore Last Night: IJR
Inconvenient Facts: Chlorine, It’s not just for toilets anymore.: MOTUS

Image: Islamic State Raises Their Black Flag Over Ramadi
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Isn't it time for a real conservative? Ted Cruz 2016: Official Site

QOTD: "Jeb Bush is running as this season's calm, reassuring, won't frighten-the-horses candidate who'll suck up all the money that might otherwise go to wild'n'crazy frothing loons like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, or whoever. Why, he's such a normal, reasonable chap he's even hot for action on "climate change". Can't get more normal than that, can you?

And yet he has some of the weirdest ideas of any candidate. It was often said of his brother that, to compensate for his preppy Waspy Connecticut Kennebunk blueblood background, he became exaggeratedly Texan, to the derangement of the left. Jeb seems to have taken it to a whole other level, and become exaggeratedly multicultural and, indeed, on his wilder shores, post-American. Aside from that business of self-identifying as "Hispanic" on his government paperwork, there seems to be a broader psychological impulse at play [wherein he believes that] immigrants are to be preferred over those of the native-born...

...the Democrat/union/welfare/race-huckster axis ... has totaled Detroit. But, if you regard remorseless mass immigration as an existential threat to advanced societies, this doesn't seem to be one of those issues on which Jeb seems likely to triangulate. A man who wants to Islamize Detroit because it's worked out so well in Dearborn would seem an odd choice even for the Stupid Party." --Mark Steyn

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