Friday, May 15, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Iran Deal Lie Collapses

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Obama's Iran Deal Lie Collapses: Joel Pollak
Democrats get a taste of Obama’s arrogance: Jonah Goldberg
Obama's Third Class Temperament: Instapundit

Levin Rips ABC News and Stephanopoulos: Major Media Scandal: Scoop
Hillary continues to do and say nothing as unfavorables tick up: Hot Air
When Will Hillary Answer for Her Iraq Vote?: David Harsanyi

The Power Elite: Patrick J. Deneen
One Of Obama's Favorite Messages: Springer's Blog
Krauthammer Explains Why Obama Really Hates Fox News: Glob

Gay Marriage Activist was engineer in AMTRAK wreck: RS
Amtrak engineer had ranted online for more safeguards: Post
Why is Jade Helm 15 play spreading way out into West Texas?: J.E. Dyer


Obamacare Exchanges on Life Support: Michelle Malkin
Failure Theater: Elizabeth Warren edition: RS
DHS Asks Court to Dismiss H-4 Visa Lawsuit: Maria del Carmen Ramos

Scandal Central

Clinton Connections Paid Off for Indonesian Tobacco Tycoon: Lachlan Markay
Former CIA Official: WH's Story on Benghazi Talking Points Isn't Credible: Guy Benson
Five men charged with stealing millions in fraudulent tax returns: Ashley Carman

Climate & Energy

Follow the Money: Ceres Conference 2015: Chris Walker
In the climate debate, hear both sides: WUWT
Sen. Capito introduces legislation to halt EPA regulations on coal: Samuel Speciale


The Hired Liars of Liberal Media: R.S. McCain
I never want to see George #Stephanopoulos moderate another debate: Moe Lane
Bill O’Reilly refuses to reveal results AFDI cartoon poll: FAM

‘Michelle Obama’s Lifetime of Microaggressions’: Rich Lowry
Mark Levin Lashes Out at Libs Politicizing Amtrak Disaster While Bodies Aren’t Even Cold Yet: Tatler
University Launches Insult-Reporting System That Records Offenders’ Social Security Numbers: NRO

Surging: Mark Levin Adds a Dozen New Affiliates--To His 300-Plus Roster: CNS
Going shirtless apparently is Democrat strategy for getting its candidates elected President: Obiter Dictum
Ted Cruz: Halperin Would Be Fired For Asking Obama Similar Racially Charged Questions: Inquisitr


Russians: If Iran cheats there will be no sanctions: RS
ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi: “Islam Is The Religion Of War”: WZ
Wanted: Western Professionals To Join The Islamic State (ISIS): MEMRI

Tijuana: 4 executed overnight: Borderland
Texas rest stop vandalized with Islamonazi graffiti: GWP
Gaza: Blast in Hamas training camp wounds 50, including children: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The accelerator in the Louvre: Glenn Roberts Jr. and Kelen Tuttle, Symmetry Magazine
Hackers use Starbucks app to skim bank accounts, credit cards: Michael Shulman
Latest self-driving Google car heading to public streets: Dee-Ann Durbin, Phys.Org


How One Woman Earned Her Way Onto the Special Ops Battlefield: DefenseOne
“You Didn’t Earn That on Your Own; Somebody Else Did That For You” (take 5): MOTUS
Citizenfour HD high speed download.: Pilgrimbreak

Image: Latest self-driving Google car heading to public streets
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QOTD: "North Korean boss Kim Jong Un had his defense minister executed by anti-aircraft gun for, among other crimes, falling asleep at a Kim-led meeting, according to South Korean intelligence. Yet another senseless victim of PowerPoint presentations." --Phil Rosenthal

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Barry Popik said...

RUSH LIMBAUGH IS NOT ON OUR SIDE, CONTINUED: Another day passes, and Rush Limbaugh has still not said one word about the Trans-Pacific partnership. What was more important? The NFL and deflated footballs, something that he's talked about all week. Jon Stewart, who is now on vacation, has also not said a word about the TPP. Jon Oliver hasn't said a word about it, either, but has an opportunity to do so on Sunday. What a pathetic press we have, both left and right.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER'S TPP SUPPORT IS QUESTIONED BY THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR. Hey Charles, if Obama requires you to vote on something that the public can't read, you vote HELL NO.