Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Middle East Policy is in a State of Collapse

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Obama's Middle East Policy is in a State of Collapse: John Hinderaker
Hillary’s closest adviser is hiding the truth of her emails: Paul Sperry
State Dept. plans to release Hillary Clinton's emails in Jan. 2016: Josh Gerstein

The Culture War is Upon You, Whether You Want it or Not: Leon H. Wolf
Who is a Journalist?: Cal Thomas
Obama Changes Policy On Military Equipment To Police Departments: William Teach

The Republicans in 2016 Are DOOMED!!!!!!: Erick Erickson
Clinton going full progressive to re-energize the Obama coalition?: Ed Morrissey
Obamacare Updates: Tale of Fail from Coast to Coast: Guy Benson

Report: Hillary already picked her VP: Jazz Shaw
Lindsey Graham Wants To Kill Americans Without Inconvenient Trials: James Joyner
Why Pamela Geller is Hated: Dennis Prager


Obama Says This 'Rotting, Decaying Hellhole' a Symbol of 'Promise For America': ZH
Supreme Court Strikes Down Maryland 'Double Tax' Law: Newsmax
Shoppers could soon have difficulty finding meat's origin: Mary Clare Jalonick

Scandal Central

The Truth About Benghazi Slowly Emerges: John Hinderaker
SMOKING GUN! US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria: GWP
Key Hillary Clinton Claim on Emails Was a Lie: Olivery Darcy

Documents Reveal Benghazi Libya Weapons (Provided by U.S. and NATO) Shipped To Syria: Treehouse
Obama Rewards Rioters With $163 Million for ‘Community Organizing Jobs’: Warner Todd Huston
Did $17 million disappear from Clinton Foundation?: Jerome R. Corsi

Climate & Energy

The New York Times Must Ignore History to Place Blame on California’s Woes: Erick Erickson
Wind farm 'needs 700 times more land' than fracking site to produce same energy: Telegraph
Drought cuts power production of California dams: LAT


NY Times Calls For Turning Detroit Over to ISIS By Importing Syrians To Take It Over: WZ
Dershowitz: Obama a “Foreign Policy Disaster ... I wouldn’t Let Him Negotiate a One-Month Lease”: FreeLight
Bracken From Earlier This AM: WRSA

The Budding Flower of Savagery: Camp o' the Saints
Observations on Government: Economic Noise
ABC Policy Required Stephanopolous to Disclose $75,000 Clinton Foundation Donation: Brent Scher

Liz Cheney Flips Media’s Script on Iraq War: LI
Land of 1000 Microaggressions: Jim Goad
Acceptable Ethnocentrism–Jay Z Posts Bail for Ferguson, Baltimore Protesters: James Kirkpatrick


The Vainglorious Mr. Kerry: AmInt
Iran: We Have 'Divine Permission to Destroy Israel': Clarion Project
Iran to Saudis: We’re Going to Land This Ship No Matter What: AmInt

Hamas Using Truce to Prepare for Next Clash with Israel: Yaakov Lappin
Israel Warns: Hezbollah Makes Lebanon a Human Shield: P. David Hornik
Nothing Another 42,000 Airstrikes Can't Fix: Mark Steyn

ISIS Posts Photos THANKING Obama for What They Just Got From Him: ConTrib
Russian, Chinese navies begin first joint drill in Mediterranean: World Affairs
Deathblow to the Dollar: The Trumpet

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hack of airplane systems described in FBI docs raises security questions: Teri Robinson, SCMag
A Life Hack For Sleep: Breathing Exercise Can Put You To Sleep In 60 Seconds?: Lizette Borreli
Can Wikipedia forecast the flu?: Mark Rockwell, FCW


Wall Street and 5th Avenue Planned for Benghazi: Denise Simon
Reprise: The People of OWS: Like the People of Wal-Mart, Only Not As Smart: MOTUS
Five Best Weekend Watches: Stephen Pulvirent

Image: Obama Just Called This "Rotting, Decaying Hellhole" A Symbol Of "Promise For The Nation"
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QOTD: "THEN SHE STOOD NEXT TO THE COFFINS OF THE DEAD AND LIED: Hillary Received Memo Describing Benghazi As Planned Terror Attack Within Hours. “New documents obtained by Judicial Watch and made public Monday show that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other senior officials under President Obama were given intelligence within hours of the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack describing how it had been planned at least 10 days in advance ‘to kill as many Americans as possible.’”

Also, they locked up a filmmaker for a year, just to support their cover story. Nice people." --Glenn Reynolds


Barry Popik said...

For yet another day, Rush Limbaugh has avoided saying ANYTHING about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. What did he talk about? Mad Men, again. Deflategate. Yes, Deflategate ALL WEEK! Much more important than a secretive trade agreement that will change the United States forever!

In one segment, Limbaugh blamed everything wrong in this country on President Obama. He will not say one word against Mitch McConnell or John Boehner, who can stop Obama if they wish to do so. Republicans control two branches of the Congress, but Limbaugh will not criticize a single corrupt RINO Republican.

Richard Morckel ‏@USovereignty May 17
@BullyUzi ok,,Why is RUSH LIMBAUGH not on top of this? Right, RUSH provides Air Cover for McConnell and Boehner BETRAYING via TPP TRADE

Barry Popik said...

Must-read articles:

Someone Finally Read Obama's Secret Trade Deal And Admits The TPP "Will Damage This Nation"
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/19/2015 15:33 -0400
Congress should refuse to pass fast track trade negotiating authority until the partnership between the branches, and the trust of the American people is restored. That will require a lot of fence mending and disclosure of exactly what the TPP will do. That begins by sharing the final text of the TPP with those of us who won’t simply rubber-stamp it.
* * *

It almost makes one wonder just whom does "elected" government represent...

May 19, 2015, 07:32 pm
McConnell moves to end debate on trade bill
By Jordain Carney

Anita ‏@aleeagain 42m42 minutes ago
Anita retweeted The Hill
Look up where Mitch McConnell's $$ come from and you'll understand his "Non-Partisan" passion for the TPP

Walter Traxel ‏@wallytraxel 8h8 hours ago
Mob Rule - McConnell, Fellow RINOs Join Comrade Obama In Shoving TPP Down The Throats Of America... http://fb.me/2fEKX2XAC

RedNationRising ‏@RedNationRising 12h12 hours ago
Is It Time To Force @Senate_GOPs To Oust Benedict @SenateMajLdr #TPA #TPP
http://dailycaller.com/2015/05/18/levin-goes-after-mitch-mcconnell-hes-the-benedict-arnold-of-the-u-s-senate-video/ … #ObamasBoyMitch #RedNationRising

(Mark Levin Goes after Mitch McConnell. Rush Limbaugh talks NFL!)

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you very much, Doug.

This post means a lot to me.