Sunday, May 31, 2015

The 5 Most Anticipated Boxing Matchups

With the disappointing delays to Pacquiao-Mayweather -- both past their prime -- the question becomes: which yet unfulfilled matchup is most desirable?

HEAVYWEIGHT: WBA Champion Wladimir Klitschko (64-3-0, 53 KO) vs. WBC Champion Deontay Wilder (33-0-0, 32 KO).

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT: WBA Champion Sergey Kovalev (27-0-1, 24 KO) vs. WBC Champion Adonis Stevenson (26-1-0, 21 KO).

SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT: WBA Champion Andre Ward (27-0-0, 14 KO) vs. WBC Champion Badou Jack (19-1-1, 12 KO).

MIDDLEWEIGHT: WBA Champion Gennady Golovkin (33-0-0, 30 KO) vs. WBC Champion Miguel Cotto (39-4-0 32 KO).

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: WBA Champion Danny Garcia (30-0-0, 17 KO) vs. WBO Champion Terence Crawford (26-0-0, 18 KO).

Any one of these fights would be fantastic, but only a couple are likely to occur in a reasonable timeframe.

It's a shame boxing isn't managed by a unified structure akin to the UFC or MLB. The matchups would be better, audience share higher, and the payoffs for fighters therefore richer.

Hat tip: BadBlue Sports News.

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Anonymous said...

Corrupt and uninspiring beyond belief. Pacquiao-Mayweather less than one day after a huge payday want a rematch because Pacquiao was injured. He shouldn't have fought in first place. Anyway, idiots who want to spend their money on BS is their business, not mine. I choose UFC and MMA. Mo-Better-Action-Talent!