Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BlackBerry Etiquette

From the twenty-first century version of Miss Manners comes this trés useful guide to when and where to use your BlackBerry. I've added a few more at the end (in blue).

To thumb or not to thumb? That is the question of the day for many slaves of the BlackBerry. They check their e-mail without even realizing it -- at the theater, during dinner, in bed. Below is a BlackBerry etiquette guide gleaned from numerous devotees and the people who have to put up with them.

In Meetings: Just because no one says it's rude doesn't mean checking your BlackBerry during a meeting is well-received. Everyone who doesn't have a BlackBerry thinks it's annoying. Unless everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, is doing it, check it on breaks only.

With your spouse: Never during mealtime or on dates. Be discreet on weekends, i.e. when she goes to the bathroom at Costco, or when he is testing a new putter at the golf store.

Business lunches: It's rude to do at the table, but if you have to attend to your e-mail, excuse yourself and why.

At sporting events: Thumb away -- unless your child is on the field.

At the theater: Intermission only, please.

On the golf course: Fine when you are waiting in the fairway for the group ahead to clear the green. Otherwise, keep your eye on the shots made by the rest of your foursome.

If you're being interviewed for a job: no.

If you're a surgeon: while in the operating room -- no.

If you're a pilot? No, anytime while jet engines are engaged.

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