Saturday, December 03, 2005

Faux Outrage over Real News

The EIB network covers the hypocritical mainstream media who, if memory serves, had nothing to say after CNN admitted covering up Saddam's atrocities in order to keep the Baghdad bureau open.

PRESIDENT BUSH: I'll continue to push for pro-growth economic policies, all aimed at making sure every American can realize the American dream. Thank you very much.

BILL PLANTE, CBS NEWS: What about the planting of paid propaganda in the Iraqi press, Mr. President?

RUSH: (Laughing.) "What about the planting of paid propaganda in the Iraqi press, Mr. President?" Can we go back, does anybody remember the name Eason Jordan? ...Eason Jordan was the bureau chief, or some executive position at CNN, and he purposely did not report the [atrocities] of Saddam Hussein because they wanted to keep their presence there. They wanted to keep their bureau open, and they were afraid that if they reported bad news that Saddam would kick them out. What was the point of staying if you weren't going to tell people the truth about what went on in Iraq?

So here's a CNN executive who wrote a piece in the New York Times admitting all this, that he had to cover up bad news and not report it in order to keep the bureau -- and went on TV to say, "I believe it was very virtuous and there were a lot of journalists who did the same thing." Well, those journalists are absolutely worthless, then. They're worthless. If they're not going to tell us the truth. This is why you end up having to plant good stories around because you can't count on the mainstream press to tell the whole story...

Now, they have the guts, the audacity to be upset over what is the planting of true, good news in Iraq. The crime is, it has to be planted... This is Reuters reporter Nadim Ladki, October 14th, 2002, dispatched from Baghdad, "Defiant Iraqis lined up to show their support for Saddam Hussein Tuesday as western powers were deadlocked over how to deal with the veteran leader they say threatens world security. Iraqis were in a festive mood as they turned out to vote in a presidential referendum Saddam is sure to win." Yeah, got 99% of the vote, the 1% that didn't vote are probably in a prison and dead by now. Talk about propaganda. We get propaganda in the news every day, propaganda from the Democratic Party, the New York Times is the Democratic National Committee Times. AP, Washington Post, all these networks, they're simply slaves to the Democratic Party. They're simply a giant collective house organ, and the news in Iraq is propaganda. The news on the economy, propaganda. It's not factual.

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