Thursday, December 29, 2005

In the land of Brother Leader

The glories of socialism are described in exquisite detail by Michael Totten. His visit to Libya, home of "Brother Leader" Muammar Kaddaffi, is at once eye-opening and nausea-inducing. Of course, it's certain to be ignored by the barking moonbat brigade and "journalists" the likes of James Wolcott. Their real-world exposure to suffering is limited to a brief tooth-ache one afternoon following a Mounds Bar binge.

Consider this yet another chapter in the list of catastrophic crimes inflicted against humanity by Communists and Socialists.

When you visit another country, it’s hard to get a feel for what it’s actually like until you leave your hotel room, go for a walk, take a look around, and hang out while soaking it in. Not so in Libya. All you have to do there is show up. It will impose itself on you at once.

My Air Afriquiya flight touched down on the runway next to a junkyard of filthy, gutted and broken-down Soviet aircraft in an airport otherwise empty of planes. When I stepped out of the hatch into the jetway, I came face to face with three uniformed military goons who scrutinized me and everyone else from behind reflective oversize sunglasses...

LA Weekly: Michael Totten's In the Land of the Brother Leader

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