Friday, December 23, 2005

Reason #4,824

The irreppressible James Taranto, writing at Best of the Web, points out an interesting dichotomy:

[John Kerry] said the alleged White House leak of a CIA agent's identity was more serious than the media's disclosure of the spying program.

This is proof, as if any were needed, that Kerry is not serious. Remember that in January 2004, Kerry described the war against terror as "primarily an intelligence and law-enforcement operation" rather than a military one. If he is to be believed--admittedly, a big "if"--a President Kerry would have been more concerned with terrorists' "rights" than with gathering intelligence to prevent terror attacks.

Some Democrats, less hinged than Kerry, are even using the I-word, presumably in part because they're still sore over Bill Clinton's impeachment. Almost every Democrat opposed Clinton's impeachment, which we guess tells us something about their view of proper presidential conduct: Self-serving lies under oath are no big deal, but protecting Americans from terrorist attacks is unforgivable.

And, yes, this is reason #4,824 in my continuing series entitled, "Why the Mediacrats can't be allowed anywhere near the levers of power in this country."

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