Friday, December 30, 2005

Paging James Wolcott

Reality -- in the form of Clifford D. May -- just left a message.

[Bin Laden and other militant religious extremists] -– the 21st century's most dynamic and dangerous form of totalitarianism -- is attempting to appeal to 1.2 billion Muslims living in more than a hundred countries...

...there are grievances to cite as [their] justification: For the poverty, unemployment and oppression that plague many Muslim societies, Militant Islamists blame Christians, Jews, Hindus and the “apostate” Muslims who collaborate with these “infidels.”

...Bin Laden and his ideological brethren promise that the conflict that has begun will not end until Muslims have the lands, power and status they demand and deserve. Lesser peoples are to be annihilated or subjugated. The Caliphate, the ancient empire established by Mohammed in the 7th century, is to rise again – and mosques will be built where churches and synagogues now stand. Tolerance and mutual respect among the great religions are, in their view, ludicrous concepts. More than that: They are blasphemous because they put the true religion on an equal footing with false faiths.

Postmodern Americans and Europeans may believe wars of conquest are obsolete, a discarded relic of the distant past. They may even see war itself as an aberration, an unnatural disruption of what they have convinced themselves is the “normal” state of peaceful coexistence. But our enemies view the world differently. Their perspective is of an older vintage...

"Postmodern Americans" includes, of course, the covey of useless pedants like Wolcott who have articulated the sum total of, at last count, zero solutions to the big-picture problem of Islamofascism. I mean, aside from retreat and appeasement, which didn't work for Communism or Nazism either.

But the track record of the Left ain't exactly stellar over the last thirty or so years. Maybe someday, Democratic leadership the likes of JFK, FDR and Truman will return, but that would take excising the cancerous Michael Moore/George Soros "monied moonbat" wing of the party, so don't count on it anytime soon.

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