Friday, December 30, 2005

Cat-fight: Parker vs. Dowd in a bitterness-fest

In case you missed it, Kathleen Parker appears to have entered her Maureen Dowd-style, middle-aged bitterness phase. Jaded and close-minded is no way to go through life, hon.

Combined with the recent Washington Post "drive by" of blogger Bill Roggio, the paranoia of old-style journalists is touching, if not humorous. Jack Kelly strikes an exposed nerve in describing the WaPo's hit-piece:

Journalists don't like bloggers because they fact-check journalists. Bloggers like Bill Roggio and Michael Yon, a former Special Forces soldier who embedded with a Stryker battalion in Mosul, expand the threat posed by the new media. They're reporting news, and doing it better than "professional" journalists are.

Messrs. Finer and Struck weren't reporting news when they slimed Bill Roggio. They were launching a preemptive strike against a new, but increasingly muscular, competitor.

Here's a news flash, Kathleen, Finer & Struck: bloggers who are consistently wrong and/or uninteresting have no audience. The market decides. The blogosphere represents the most democratic publishing system on the planet. Better get used to the idea.

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