Thursday, December 01, 2005

Byrd (Lorie, not Robert) let's 'em have it

L Lorie Byrd, operating over at Townhall, has a powerful message for the electorate.

...the actions of the Democrats over the past three years have exposed them as incapable of governing in today’s world of global Islamic terrorism... They have shown that not only will they endlessly debate until it is [impossibly] late but that after a military action has been initiated, in the face of difficulties and waning public support, many will back out and abandon the mission and the troops.

The opposition party, faced with exactly the same pre-war intelligence, failed to act. And, after voting to authorize the use of force, they have now decided to re-spin that vote for the purposes of political gain. They've not only withdrawn support, but advocated surrender and -- in turn -- demoralized the electorate and the troops. That's a lesson all of us must recall in '06 and '08 when we consider letting the mediacrats anywhere near the levers of power.

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