Monday, August 06, 2007

Beltway Comix: the FCC watchin' out for the little guy

Yo, T!

What's up, V?

Long time no see. Say, you look a little... bulkier.

Yeah, I've been working out. I'm gettin' kinda buff. Dontcha think?

Well --er-- yeah, sure, T...

And I've been taking supplements. I ingested all of BellSouth... delicious and nutritious.

Erp. You ate BellSouth?

Every last bit! And, I must say, it's working out great for our customers. Just as we predicted, we've improved customer service, enhanced innovation, and spurred more competition!

Awesome, dude. Really, really happy for you. Hey! Check out small-fry.

Hey, guys, what's up?

Not you, peanut. You look like you've lost weight. Market-share a problem for you?

Yeah. I guess so. Your iPhone introduction didn't help.

Well, them's the breaks of the game, pee-wee. Hey, V, you got any butter on you?

Wh- wh- what do you need... butter... for??

I'm famished. I'm so hungry I could eat a whole company. And, I must admit, you look delectable.

But... but you can't just... grab me and eat me!

Yo, T, watch it -- there's a cop!

Hey, boys... you all behavin' yourselves?

Hey, Kevin, how's it hangin'?

Hey, T! Everything's good, thanks. This little dweeb bothering you?

Sprunt over here? Nahh... it's all good. I just left my butter at home. I was thinking about making a meal out of him...

Great idea! I've got --

But, officer, he can't do that! That's against the law!

Shut up, small fry! Don't you read the papers? Ma Bell's makin' a comeback!

What the heck is going on here? This is crazy! There's gotta be a law --

I am the law, midget. Say, do you want butter or SmartBalance, T?

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