Sunday, August 26, 2007

Elvira 'Rosa' Arellano uses the classic rapist's defense

The deported Elvira Arellano continues to speak out despite her cruel and unusual residency south o' the border:

Having returned to Michoacán after ten years of having worked in the USA without documentation, Elvira Arellano demanded that the government of Mexico take a firm position and protest against the hate and racism that exists in the USA toward all 12 million or more of its undocumented workers from Mexico, who every single day face raids, deportation, and the separation of their famllies.

While liberals progressives position Elvira as this generation's 'Rosa Parks', her statements won't exactly resonate through the ages. In fact, they won't be remembered this time next month.

"The United States is the one who broke the law first. By letting people cross over without documents. By letting people pay taxes."

As Jay Tea observes, that sort of thing is the classic 'rapist's defense.'

We get it, Elvira. America shouldn't have worn tight-fitting clothes and high heels. Because, in so doing, America was asking to be violated.

"I believe in my heart that the people of this nation do not, in their hearts, want to destroy our lives, our families and our communities."

No one other than Arellano broke apart her family. In 2002, she was arrested in the post-9/11 security crackdown on airport employees and was subsequently convicted of using a fake Social Security number. That charge led to the deportation order. Critics have observed that if she wants to be with her son, she should bring him to Mexico with her.

But her love for her son doesn't appear to quite outweigh his value as a political tool. Just one more question, Elvira: which of our laws are okay to break and which are not?

Michelle Malkin has the essential wrapup.

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