Monday, August 13, 2007

I think PETA needs to visit the Palestinian Territories

James Lewis at The American Thinker points us to Palestinian Media Watch and some pretty disturbing imagery.

The latest episode of a popular Hamas children's TV show features its main character cruelly swinging cats by their tails and throwing stones at caged lions in the Gaza zoo...

The episode of Tomorrow's Pioneers features a costumed adult playing Nahool the Bee at the zoo, tormenting domestic cats and lions. The lions become so enraged by the abuse that one of them repeatedly tries to attack Nahool.

Lewis asks what Hamas is trying to teach Palestinian kids: "The uses of sadism? How to be heartless and cruel, as practice for killing Israeli kittens? Or just blood sport entertainment?"

Let me guess. PETA and the rest of the American left will remain utterly and completely silent.

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