Friday, August 24, 2007

Iran shuts down sacreligious barbers

The dangerous scourge of 'un-Islamic' barber shops in Iran has finally come to an end. Breitbart reports that over the past 15 days, more than a dozen barber shops that offer "unconventional Western hair styles" have been shuttered.

A religious police commander, one Mohammad Ali Najafi, stated that eyebrow-plucking for men and "deviant Western styles" had been banned. In adddition, "eleven women's beauty saloons [sic] were also shut down for... violations such as tattooing, which is banned by a health ministry directive." Long hair, spiked or gelled styles for men have "long angered Iran's religious conservatives."

In July, religious authorities also began a renewed campaign against women with skimpy headscarves or tight-fitting clothing.

I'm sure liberals progressives are perfectly fine with Iran's right to restrict dangerous activities such as eyebrow-plucking. After all, you'll never hear a peep from them regarding the mullahs, but let the administration authorize terrorist wiretaps and -- whoo, boy -- watch out for the curse words!

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