Thursday, August 30, 2007

New developments in SC "fireworks" pair

Remember those two jamokes caught speeding near a military installation in South Carolina? Messrs. Megahed and Mohamed were arrested for possession of explosive devices. In conjunction with that arrest, a search of a Tampa home linked to two of the FBI's most wanted terrorists was executed.

Tampa Bay Online is reporting that a federal grand jury has requested DNA and hair samples from Youssef Megahed. If anyone knows the reason for the request, they're not talking.

Jawa speculates that the only reason the grand jury would need DNA is to match it with evidence collected in some other plot. But what would that entail? Does it have something to do with the house in Tampa?

A spokesman for the Megahed family, one Ahmed Bedier, also testified before the grand jury. Bedier is reported to be the executive director of, you guessed it, CAIR-Tampa.

The contents of a typical car trunk. At least, for friends of Ramadan Shallah.

I sense some fireworks are on the way, but they're not the ones Megahed and Mohamed claimed were in the trunk.

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