Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bumper Stickers for Carville

EIB reports that James Carville is soliciting bumper sticker ideas for Democrats in 2008 and suggests a few:

• Vote Early, Vote Often, Que Pasa
• LBJ's Great Society: One More Decade Oughta Do It
• Dumb it Down for Democrats in '08
• We're Winning, Let's Quit
• Democrat Victory Through Defeat of the United States

My slogans:

• Zawahiri - Obama '08!
• Vote Democrat so Christopher Reeve can walk again
• Clinton '08: This Time With Pants!
• Corpses, Felons & Illegal Voters for Hillary
• Vote Democrat & Universal Healthcare for Trial Lawyers
• Democrats: bringing Hollywood Values to our Bedrooms
• Vote John Edwards: we're at Two Americas and Counting!
• Democrats: The Best Candidates Money Can Buy
• Vote Obama so we can invade Darfur and Pakistan
Dukakis Gore Kerry Bueller? Anyone?

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