Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Last 48 Hours of Democratic "Realism"

In the last 48 hours...

* Iran's president went on record as saying, "there is no way for salvation of mankind but rule of Islam over mankind... [and] the world is on verge of a great upheaval."

* Hamas' child television star, Saraa Barhoum, helpfully indoctrinated a new generation of homicide bombers, telling kids she hopes to be a "martyr" (code-word for exploding civilian-killer), “It’s something to be proud of. Every Palestinian citizen hopes to be a martyr.”
* Doctors in Scotland have been banned from eating lunch at their desk "in case it offends their Muslim colleagues."
* A would-be homicide bomber prematurely exsplatulated -- blowing himself up -- but fortunately failed to kill a bus full of tourists in Morocco.
* In Gaza, Hamas terrorists beat residents to a bloody pulp. The crime? Chanting "we want freedom."
* Hamas childrens' television taught kids how to have fun by torturing animals.

* In Jakarta, Indonesia, 70,000 members of a Muslim group gathered to call for the establishment of a "global caliphate (Islamic rule) to govern the world" and listened to fiery speeches saying it was "time for the caliphate to reign."

* * *

Now consider:

* Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's first campaign commercial didn't mention extremism or terrorism. Not one word.
* The CNN/YouTube Democratic debate did not field a single question on extremism or terrorism. Not one question.
* The mainstream media completely ignored these events and blissfully obliged Democrats who can't come to grips with the growing threats to America.

Welcome to the world of Democratic "realism."

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