Monday, August 27, 2007

Militant Quakers extend reign of terror

* The Telegraph (UK) reports that Quaker extremists are blamed for Indian bombings that left 42 dead and 50 injured

The mystical "Mr. Quaker" figure is frequently cited
by Quaker extremists who believe they must convert or
kill non-believers by engaging in "Quihad"

* NPR notes that Ethiopia is battling 'suspected' militant Quakers

* Newsday reports that Quaker extremists are partnering with Mexicans; a recent declassified DHS report states that "Al Quaka has been trying to smuggle terrorists and terrorist weapons illegally into the US... [and] seek to smuggle OTMs [Other than Mexicans]... into the U.S."

* In Beirut, three more Lebanese soldiers were killed battling Quaker rebels, bringing the total number of dead to 145.

* A relative of Libya's leader asserts that, "radical Quaker extremists are certain to carry out more terrorist attacks in Europe... radical Quakerism is making deeper inroads into Europe through young, disaffected Quakers who are receptive to the message of militancy."

* states that Quaker extremists are even hitting YouTube.

A spokesman for the Council for American-Quaker Relations, Ham Scooper, responded to reporters' questions. When asked if he would condemn organizations that use terror to achieve their goals, Scooper said "It's not our job to go around denouncing... we're not in the business of condemning."

Programming note: tomorrow night, CNN's Christine Amanpour will be hosting part 12 of her God's Holy Warriors series. This episode is entitled "Killer Quakers."

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