Friday, January 01, 2010

The 2009 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

We're kicking off the year with our first annual Fabulous Fifty Blog Awards, which recognizes the best of the new mainstream media. Without further ado, may I have the envelopes, please?

• The 'Book 'em, Danno' Award for Best Investigative Journalist goes to: Michelle Malkin.

• The 'Buh-Bye Gray Lady' Award for Best New Journalism Website goes to: Big Government.

• The 'Town Crier' Award for Superior News Gathering goes to Drudge Report.

• The 'Look Out Above!' Award for Best Up-and-Coming Mainstream Journalist goes to Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit.

• The Novak Award for Best Political Blogging goes to: The Corner.

• The 'Warp Speed' Award for Best Instant Analysis goes to Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.

• The 'Best Twitterer even before there was a Twitter' Award goes to: InstaPundit.

• The 'Thought-Leader' Award for Best Op-Ed Blog goes to: American Thinker.

• The 'Edward R. Murrow' Award for Best Mediawatching goes to: NewsBusters.

• The 'Murrow R. Edward' Award for Best Faux Mediawatching goes to: Media Matters.

• The 'Shining City on the Hill' Award for Best Speechwriter goes to: Doctor Zero.

• The 'Shake your Moneymaker' Award for Entrepreneurship goes to: John Hawkins.

• The 'WTF, ROTFLMAO' Award for Snark-laced Political Humor goes to: Ace of Spades.

• The 'Damn the Firewalls, Full Speed Ahead' Award for Best Information Warfare Campaign goes to The Jawa Report.

• The 'Glutes of Steel' Award for Mocking Andrew Sullivan goes to: IowaHawk.

• The 'YouTube This!' Award for Best Video Blogging goes to: Pajamas TV.

• The 'Media B***hslap' Award goes to Patterico's Pontifications.

• The 'We Really All Can Get Along' Award for Best Group Blogging goes to Power Line.

• The 'Can't Help But Laugh' Award for 'Progressive' Humor goes to Sadly, No!.

• The 'Linus Torvalds' Award for Best Custom Blogging Software goes to Charles Johnson of LGF.

• The 'Jim Rice' Award given to Most Promising New Investigative Journalist goes to Verum Serum.

• The 'Woman on a Mission' Award goes to Pamela Geller.

• The 'It's Awfully Hot Here In This Sauna' Award for Debunking the Religion of Warming goes to Watts Up With That.

• The 'If the Glove Don't Fit' Award for Best Legal Commentary goes to The Volokh Conspiracy.

• The 'Ernie Pyle' Award for Best War Correspondent goes to Michael Yon.

• The 'Jack-of-all-Insults' Award for Most Versatile Snarker goes to Jammie Wearing Fool.

• The 'TEABAGGERS vs. FISTERS: The Debate Is Over' Award for Funniest Headlines goes to People's Cube.

• The 'Gettin' Your Photoshop Freak On' Award for Illustration goes to: iOwnTheWorld.

• The 'We Don't Even Pretend to Play Nice' Award for openly plotting to overthrow the U.S. government goes to Hizb ut-Tahrir America.

• The 'Nine-Hour Nostradamus' Award for consistently being ahead of the story goes to: The Astute Bloggers.

• The 'Longshoreman' Award for Funniest Use of Cursewords goes to: DoublePlusUndead.

• The 'Imelda Obama' Award goes to Michelle's Mirror.

• The 'Bolton' Award for Best Middle East Analysis goes to Barry Rubin.

• The 'Speaking Truth to Power' Award for Best Middle East Reporting goes to MEMRI Blog.

• The 'Down, Boy!' Award for censoring its readers' vicious comments goes to The Huffington Post.

• The 'Pink Underwear' Award for Best Coverage of a Perverted Newsman goes to Olbermann Watch.

• The 'Salvador Dali' Award for Most Creative Blogging goes to SondraK.

• The 'Blog-Ring' Award for Best Group of Affiliated Blogs goes to The Watcher's Council:

  • Watcher of Weasels
  • The Glittering Eye
  • Rhymes With Right
  • J O S H U A P U N D I T
  • Soccer Dad
  • Bookworm Room
  • Wolf Howling
  • The Razor
  • The Provocateur
  • Mere Rhetoric
  • Right Truth

Congratulations to our winners and, as always, thank you for all you do -- and best wishes to you and all seven of our readers for a happy and healthy 2010!


Bookworm said...

Thank you so much, Doug. How delightful to be included in your list.

The_Bad said...

Where's the Atkins Award for most references to bacon? I thought I had that wrapped up (in bacon).

Rhymes With Right said...

Mayn thanks, Doug -- and welcome to you and all of your readers (who I'm sure now exceed 14, just due to your inclusion of me and my fellow Watcher's Council Members!)>

Reliapundit said...

thanks dr.

you deserve 3: best linkage, best photoshops and best illustrated posts awards.

directorblue said...


The Russian judges tossed your award and a fistfight ensured. I'm still hurting from the brawl.

doubleplusundead said...

Heh, I think I'll let Eddie offer the acceptance speech, I imagine it'll be something like,

"You like me, you really f*cking like me!"

Unknown said...

I would like to nominate ScrappleFace for a Fabulous 50 Blog Award for 2010.

Thank you.

SondraK, Lympian Slayer said...

Holy ohmygolly heeeeee and stuff!


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Delighted to see SondraK in your big list!

Chuck from Tacoma said...

It really isn't my fault. SondraK made me look.
I know that there is some weirdness around here as I read a large chunk of those sites. Some of us must belong.

MOTUS said...


Big hugs and kisses to you Doug Ross! What a way to start the new year with a win for the Team.

Lady M even said it's the first time in her adult life she's "been proud to look in a mirror".

I'd like to stay and chat, but MO wants to count our shoes to be sure we have enough to qualify for this award in case there's an audit.

With endless hugs & kisses,

Teresa in Fort Worth, TX said...

May I respectfully submit a recommendation for either "Honorable Mention" this year or a no-kidding real-life winner next year those FABULOUS Boyz (and reformed Democrats) over at Hillbuzz (

Lots of us are new fans, especially after their kind words about GWB and Laura Bush!

cbullitt said...

Thought I had a shot at the "Hardly Ever Safe For Work" award. Damn.

Well...I'll just have to add more tits this year.

Happy New Year Doug.

isaac said...

Cute names to the awards.

Can I qualify for it as well?

Best lifestyle blog?