Sunday, December 11, 2016

HELPFUL CHART: The People's Guide to #FakeNews

By The People's Cube

The FCC has adopted a new certification system that separates all news into two clear categories: "fake news" and "truthful news." Additionally, a new law will require all media to display FCC labels to identify their classification. This will alert readers in advance whether they are looking at a genuine government-approved source of must-read truthful news, or they're reading some idiotic concoction of a madman with an unhealthy fixation on the so-called rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Obviously, anything based on such a false, backward premise qualifies as "fake news."

Until all news sources have been properly certified and labeled with FCC badges, readers are advised to follow this helpful chart.

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Anonymous said...

The democratic party and their progressive reporters have been attempting to play their role as the arbitrator of approved propaganda news for many years and appear to have finally gotten their way in creating 'censorship'. Conservatives and new media were always the target just as they were with the IRS 'gate'.
They did however do us one great and big favor: They made it very easy to continue to stick with our own new media reporting - labeled now fake news.
The liberal media is basically dead after their performance during this past election cycle where they dropped their mask and exposed themselves to be nothing more than the outlet and arm of the progressive party and remaining democratic party. They backed it up by their contributions which all benefitted the same party they support and long to.
As long as they continue to allow us 'deplorable' to use the internet and read news that are in tune with the truth and our interest.

Anonymous said...

They have been telling their own interpretation of the "news" for as long as I can remember and I'm 84 !!!!! From an old "deplorable"